Americans Are So Busy That They Need To Schedule Sex

Schedule Sex

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Americans have to Schedule Sex

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Despite the heavy beating Bitcoin has taken, the sentiment has not turned bearish, and there are still have too many articles being published on a weekly basis claiming that Bitcoin is going to surge to 100K and beyond. Do these experts ever bother to look at the charts before issuing such targets or do they do so after ingesting some toxic substance? We will never know the answer to that question, but what we do know is that in most cases they have no idea of how high or low the market is going to go.  Is the Bitcoin Bull Market dead or just taking a breather?

So why do Americans Have To Schedule Sex?

Busy lifestyles are taking a big toll on the average American… especially in the bedroom. According to a new report, a large number of adults are forced to schedule sex because of their hectic routines.

The survey, conducted by the sex toy website EdenFantasys, attempted to look at the changing sex culture in the U.S., with a sample of 2,000 individuals in relationships responding to a questionnaire which asked them to detail their interests, inhibitions and basic outlook towards doing the deed.

The results reveal that on average, Couples engage in 69 minutes of sex per week, messing the sheets around nine times a month. While a happy 3% claimed they manage 30 sessions a month, a whopping 60% say they were unhappy with the amount of time they spend making love, with most blaming it on their busy routine and having kids around.

“The results suggest that Americans are having sex less frequently due to two primary factors: an increasing number of individuals without a steady or marital partner and a decline in sexual frequency among those with partners.”

Despite the falling numbers, more than half of the people who took part in the recent survey said they make efforts to get into the sack… even if that means pencilling it down in their planners. 52% said they schedule sex sessions, with Saturday night being their time of choice. 5% claimed they liked to plan a date night to precede the act. Full Story

Scheduling  Sex Might Ruin Spontaneity?

Finding time for sex isn’t always the easiest thing — between busy work schedules, social commitments, and maybe just being a bit lazy, it’s easy to let things slip.

“Set a reminder,” sex and relationship counsellor Julie Jeske tells Bustle. “It sounds silly and not very ‘sexy,’ but the truth is, people are so busy that sex and pleasure can often fall off the radar… People really want sex and desire to be spontaneous, and often worry that scheduling something will take the passion or mystery out of it. However, we schedule anything else that is important to us — doctors visits, exercise, time with friends.” So why not do it with sex?

The survey found out that more than half of Americans are scheduling sex.

“Sex is often seen as something we outgrow or can easily go without, but sexuality and intimacy are an expression of our life force, creativity and love, and must be expressed to be fully realized as a people,” Lauren Brim, a sexual wellness coach and author of The New Rules of Sex, tells Bustle. “

If our sexuality isn’t being expressed, it will show up as problems in other areas of our body and life. Plus, sex is just too damn good for you to live your life without it!” So, if you feel like you’re struggling to fit in some time in the bedroom, maybe it’s time to add sex to your schedule. Full Story

CNN views In on Scheduling Sex

Are you having enough sex? You might have wondered if you should up your bedroom activity after reading about other couples’ resolutions to have sex every day or about all the health benefits of getting horizontal.

In what might be welcome news for everyone exhausted from work and frazzled from kids, research suggests you don’t have to get down every day to reap the rewards of sex, at least in terms of happiness and relationship closeness.
A recent study found that, although married people or people in committed relationships who had more sex tended to report feeling happier, the benefit levelled off at a sexual frequency of once a week. Those who said they did the deed four or more times a week did not report feeling any happier than those who had trysts only weekly.

“For people in relationships, their romantic relationship quality is one of the biggest predictors of their overall happiness,” Muise said. “Having sex more than once a week might not be enhancing that (relationship connection), although it is not bad.”

However, there are a couple of rubs with this research, Muise said. One is that it is not clear which came first, sex or happiness. It may be that people who have sex once a week or more were happier in their relationship and life to begin with, and not that the sex helped make them happy. Full Story

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