Robots and Human: AI Set To Change The Course of Human History Forever

Robots and Human

Robots and Human & The coming AI revolution

The game cyberpunk 2077 is going to revolutionize the playing field. There have already been cases of people playing games until they dropped dead. Now move to the next stage where people will be lost in an alternate reality; they will do anything to get back into this alternate reality. It’s going to become a form of E-crack and the worst thing is that it’s going to be fully legal.

The current generation wants everything yesterday so they have been primed perfectly for the next mental onslaught; complete control of their mind by immersing themselves in another reality. We expect a plethora of such games to be released in the near future. Reality TV will be replaced by Virtual reality; a reality that lets you live out your wildest inhibitions, and as the developed world moves closer to becoming one big police state, individuals will flock to such outlets for it will provide them with a haven where the illusion of freedom is so great that one is able to virtually taste it.

Cyberpunk 2077; E-Crack?

Cyberpunk 2077 from Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt Red wowed critics and fans with an extended gameplay reveal last year. Now it has surfaced that the game’s world will be entirely handcrafted. Each and every element of Cyberpunk 2077 will be manually created as opposed to other games with vast open worlds that use procedurally generated content, which usually results in a boring, cookie-cutter game world that’s far from immersive. What’s more is, Cyberpunk 2077’s game world will also feature a lot more verticality when compared to the likes of Witcher 3. These details came to light when the game’s lead cinematic designer Maciej Pietras spoke to French site JeuxActu.

“The game will allow you to enter many buildings, knowing that everything was done by hand because we believe that quality comes first through manual creation, nothing is procedural in our world. It is in this that the city of Night City will be vast to go, thanks to this verticality,” he said (via Game Watcher).

This YouTube video examines this game and if you look at it, it is not hard to see how this game could potentially turn to be as addictive as crack for those seeking escape from today’s reality

We are fast-moving to the phase where a large swath of the population will willingly surrender full control of their minds to another reality and in doing so will become the perfect mind manipulation subjects.

Robots and Human; Machine Intelligence Increasing at an Astounding pace.

In The UCL University, they developed a program that can predict the sentence in a criminal case according to the case files, this program showed human-like results with an accuracy of 80% using 500 samples, in addition to that, humans are not 100% accurate, our performance depends significantly on many biological factors like mood, mental state, and even physical state.

In my opinion, AI is not necessarily a bad thing, they will be of great help to us, Garry Kasparov believes that Machines should empower us not overpower us, In 2014 in one of the international chess contests, AI alone won 42 chess match but the AI accompanied with a human won 52 matches, AI mainly train on the data we create and collect, so till now humans and AI needs each other. Full Story

Robots and Human: AI Is transforming landscape & replacing The Human Factor

“We live with AI,” Michael said. “With each day, it becomes increasingly sophisticated, in terms of the individual capabilities of the AI or the combination of those capabilities. And so I think we’re seeing that human adaptation now, in the day today.”

“There will be transformative moments like when we are able to trust that autonomous vehicles are able to get us from point A to point B,” he said. “So, therefore, they no longer require an individual driver’s license because individuals are no longer driving.” These sorts of “transformative moments” have happened throughout history — Michael pointed to the advent of the horseless carriage as an example.

Indeed, one need only look at Google’s efforts in the year since officially forming its AI division to see evidence of increasingly sophisticated AI infiltrating into our daily lives. Take Duplex, for example. This AI is designed to make restaurant reservations over the phone by listening and parsing human language and responding accordingly. That’s an incredibly complex undertaking, requiring untold hours of R&D. Yet within 12 months, we’ve not only seen the service spread across the smartphone ecosystem and 43 states but the introduction of a complementary AI service for businesses, dubbed CallJoy, as well. Full Story

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