Sikhs still victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes

Sikhs still victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes

Earlier this month, Prabhjot Singh sat down with his 4-year-old son Hukam and tried for the first time to explain the horrific incident that altered the Manhattan family’s life.

“A few years ago, a few men hurt me because of what I looked like, because they thought I was bad,” Singh said.

Hukam stared back, confused. “Why?” he asked.

“Their hearts were asleep and they were not thinking about Papaji as a person,” Singh said, using a Punjabi term of respect for father.

On the night of September 21, 2013, Singh, a highly accomplished doctor and professor, was walking with a friend on 110th Street near Central Park. Both men are Sikhs and have long beards and wear turbans. Singh heard someone yell: “Terrorist, Osama, get him.”   Singh ran but not fast enough. A group of boys and young men on bicycles taunted him using racial slurs. One pulled his beard and then the attackers punched and kicked him repeatedly. He lay on the ground, waiting for them to stop, when passers-by intervened. Singh ended up in the hospital with a broken jaw, dislodged teeth and other gruesome injuries.

But Singh expressed gratitude. He understood it could have been so much worse. Fifteen years ago Thursday, an Indian Sikh immigrant was gunned down at the gas station he managed in Mesa, Arizona. It was the first revenge killing in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The assailant said he wanted to “go out and shoot some towel heads” for the actions of Osama bin Laden. Full Story


So what crimes did these people commit?

Did they deserve to be gunned down or beaten just because they looked Muslim?  Take a look at the story below, and there are many more stories like this; we see the same theme that we see in the markets, people are afraid of the unknown.  Now don’t think we are condoning the actions of all Muslims or any other religion.  The first questions you have to ask is not are you Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, etc?  The 1st question you need to pose in the back of your mind is “How do I determine if this is a good or bad person”. If the individual has done something wrong, then he or she should be punished in a manner that befits the crime.

Daljeet Singh, a political asylum seeker from India, was detained for 30 hours by police after a fellow passenger alleged she heard him discussing a bomb

When Daljeet Singh took the journey, though, he saw an altogether more dystopian vision of America: one in which it feels like a prejudiced and paranoid place where to be perceived as “Arabic” is to be viewed as a potential terrorist.

Singh has complained to authorities in Texas and called for action after he and another man were arrested on suspicion of terroristic threats on 21 February when a fellow passenger alleged she heard them discussing a bomb and “acting weird”.

He was detained by police in Amarillo for about 30 hours and released without charge after being interviewed by the FBI.

The 30-year-old Sikh man, who speaks very little English, is a political asylum seeker from India who had been released the day before the incident after spending about a month in an immigration detention center in Arizona. He was travelling on a service from Phoenix to Indianapolis. Full Story


Why has this question not been asked: “why were so many young and aggressive men allowed into Europe”?

We discussed this issue with some close Muslim associates.  Interestingly, they were equally surprised at the government’s response to taking in all these men.  Let’s for one second forget that 90% of the immigrants that came into Europe were Muslim at that period.  Here is the question that should have been asked.  What the hell are all these young men doing here? Forget the religion and focus on the facts.  The next thing that should have been noted is that they were exhibiting violent tendencies and finally most of them were uneducated.  All this should have served as a warning.  Following this line of thinking, there would be no need to enter the religion factor into the question.   Let’s deviate for a second.  What is the most dangerous creature on the planet? Answer= man. Keep this answer at the back of your mind.

What does nature do with all the male species in the animal kingdom? It seeks to limit their numbers, as too many males are dangerous. The same applies to humans.  This is why the most peaceful societies have a larger number of women than men. Women create and men in general, destroy.  Therefore applying simple principles of MP and or using common sense, 90% of those refugees should have been rejected because of one sole reason, they were young, uneducated males and the odds favouring violent behaviour was going to be very high. The outlook would have been infinitely different if Europe had taken in three times as many females or married females with stable partners, the transition would have been much smoother.

Let’s take it step further. Why do you think there are wars?

The refugee problem could have been solved with simple common sense rules. Instead, the worst of the worst .were invited because this religious war was planned. War is money, and when it is religious in nature, it entails even more money. Muslims and Christians represent the largest religious group in the world.  Thus they push money to fund radical ideas on both sides of the fence. Who made the most money during the Californian Gold Rush of 1849? The individuals that sold the shovels and not those blindly hoping to hit a home run. If the answer is obvious and you are being guided towards that direction, be wary of the answer. The masses are always wrong for they want the answer to be delivered to them.

Thought for food; Muslims were coming to Europe for years and the outlook was fine, there was no outrage, no surge in crimes, no hatred, etc, etc. Then suddenly, things changed?  Think about what changed. Here is a hint? You did not have droves of uneducated men rushing into the country. The question you ask should be one that most will not ask, and the answer should be one that most will fail even to consider.  The Muslims that were coming before were better educated (the education we refer to is none other than common sense type of education and not paper degrees), the ratio of men to women was somewhat balanced, and they wanted to work for a better life.

 One of the Major promoters of peace in Islam is under attack; Fethullah Gulen’s followers are being attacked and Jailed. Their companies have been taken, and they have been stripped of everything. Is it a coincidence that this movement was attacked just as the situation started to heat up. One thing to keep in mind is that many secular Muslims are attacked just as hard if not harder by the radical Islamists, and this is a perfect example of that. 



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