Refund Policies

Refund Policies

Due to the recent popularity of our articles, there has been a significant uptake in the number of new subscribers. Unfortunately some unscrupulous individuals were and still are  joining to take a look at our portfolios, and then cancelling their subscriptions.   Hence we have had to adjust our refund policies to take these new developments into consideration, as this is a huge waste of our precious time, and secondly, it is unfair to our existing subscribers who are paying for this information.  Henceforth all, refunds will be processed on a pro-rated basis. The minimum length of subscription will be one month.

If you take the quarterly option and cancel you will be charged at the monthly rate and the balance will be refunded. We regret having to implement this new procedure, but we feel it’s necessary to protect our long time subscribers.

We offer a plethora and wealth of information in comparison to the average investment newsletter.   We have combined several services into one and offer all these services  at one very affordable price. Many services out there charge in excess of  $1200 a month for just one of these services.

Our investment philosophy is simple and the excerpt below highlights one of the main facets of it

Our  goal over the years has to been to continuously simplify our investment strategy.  Investing should be fun, especially in this day and age where most individuals have less and less time on their hands to do the things they  truly want.  Thus, It has been our focus to work on a simple and yet effective strategy on making this complicated process as effortless as possible. To achieve this objective, we combined mass psychology, technical analysis and key aspects of fundamental analysis to identify important market turning points.  This trio has enabled us to turn what is viewed by many as a complex subject into one that is exceptionally undemanding, and one that entails little to no stress. Please click  on the following two links to find out why   fundamental analysis  and mechanical systems in general do not work as standalone tools. 


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  • Joan

    What exactly does one month sub scription give you? Is there anyway to contact by phone?

  • Tactical Investor

    The information is listed on the site under subscription. However, to answer your question. It entitles you to two main updates and as many interim updates as deemed necessary. It also provides access to the pass coded section of our site reserved exclusively for members.