Tactical Investor’s Refund Policy: Your Peace of Mind

Tactical Investor’s Refund Policy: Your Peace of Mind

Tactical Investor's Refund Policy 

Tactical Investor’s Refund Policy

Due to the recent popularity of our articles, there has been a significant uptake in the number of new subscribers. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous individuals were and still are joining to look at our portfolios and then cancel their subscriptions.   Hence we have had to adjust our refund policies to consider these new developments, as this is a massive waste of our precious time. Secondly, paying for this information is unfair to our existing subscribers.  Henceforth all refunds will be processed on a pro-rated basis.  A  minimum charge equivalent to one month’s subscription will be charged to all subscriptions. If more than a month’s worth of subscription was used, a prorated refund will be issued.

If you take the quarterly option and cancel, you will be charged at the monthly rate, and the balance will be refunded. We regret implementing this new procedure, but protecting our long-time subscribers is necessary.

We offer a wealth of information in comparison to the average investment newsletter.   We have combined several services into one and offer all these services at one very affordable price. Many companies charge up to  $1200 annually for just one of these services.

Random thoughts on Investing

To attain triumph in investing, one must amalgamate the forces of mass psychology and technical analysis. By apprehending the conduct of market participants, one can acquire valuable insights into the market’s pulse. Identifying trends becomes more manageable once thou grasp the significance of crowd behaviour. Additionally, incorporating the principles of market psychology and contrarian investing can enhance thy trading skills and benefit from the crowd’s collective wisdom.

Lastly, maintaining a comprehensive trading journal is invaluable for gaining insights into thy mindset and devising a robust plan to tackle any challenges.

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Technical Analysis



What exactly does one month sub scription give you? Is there anyway to contact by phone?

Tactical Investor

The information is listed on the site under subscription. However, to answer your question. It entitles you to two main updates and as many interim updates as deemed necessary. It also provides access to the pass coded section of our site reserved exclusively for members.

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