Tactical Investor Anxiety Index; Best Market Sentiment Gauge

Anxious investors always lose in the stock market

We are the only ones that we know of that maintain such an index.  This index gives you an insight into the mass mindset. It allows you to see whether the masses are agitated or in a calm mode.   The best times to buy are when the Masses are in the Panic or hysteria zone, and the best times to take profits or sit on the sidelines are when the crowd is in the mild to Calm Zone.  Throughout this bull run, the Crowd has hardly ever moved past the moderate zone, and we find that fascinating, particularly since the market has gone to put in a series of new highs.  The data below is one-month-old as a courtesy to our paying subscribers.

Tactical Investor Anxiety Index; Best Market Sentiment Gauge


This index gives us a peek into the mass mindset; it allows us to see whether the crowd is anxious or calm when it comes to investing in the markets. The readings for the past few months consistently indicate that the crowd is apprehensive and as expected the bull has continued to trend higher, destroying a large swath of bears that dared to think otherwise.

Until the masses embrace this market, it is destined to trend higher; no bull market has ever ended when the crowd is apprehensive. History indicates that bull markets usually terminate on a note of Euphoria.

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