If we all knew everything then life would indeed be meaningless for it is the mistakes we make and the lessons we learn that give our life meaning and value. Sol Palha

Market Reports by Sol Palha using Mass Psychology and Technical analysis

Provided below are an extensive list of articles and Reports by Sol Palha. The contents for most of the articles dating back to 2012 have been extracted from past market updates; where necessary additional commentary has been added.  The purpose of this exercise is to clearly illustrate, how the tools (combination of mass psychology with Key proprietary indicators) we employ here, help us determine key market turning points. This should not be confused with trying to determine or predict the exact top or bottom; an endeavour best left to fools with plenty of time on their hands. Trying to identify the exact top or bottom is like trying to catch a falling a dagger; a painful process fraught with pain and failure.  There is a time delay between what is published in the market update and what we put out here, so as to protect our paying subscribers.


Gold on the verge of a breakout rally? (Nov 24)

9 ways to build wealth in the stock market  (Nov 24)

China stock market reforms and long-term outlook   (Nov 24)

Bonds will not crash in 2015 (Nov 23)

Dr Copper, economy and the markets no longer dance to the same beat (Nov 23)

Is Crude oil headed higher or lower? (Nov 20)

Is the Dow going to crash in 2015 (Nov 18)

predictions for wild weather, end of Multiculturalism & religious wars (Nov 14)

The Dow Industrials are not going to crash (Nov 11)

Oops we did it again- The Fed is setting up the masses for another stimulus program (Nov 9)

Palladium Bulls are getting ready to sprint  (Nov 7)

Dow industrials set to defy naysayers and trend higher  (Nov 6)

Dow continues to soar, doctors of doom wrong, what’s next (Nov 5)

Dr Copper time to buy, markets & psychological warfare  (Nov 3)

World’s only Adult Index predicts rise in immoral behaviour (Nov 2)

Death Cross is not a bearish Omen for the Stock Market  (Oct 30)

Market Timing Does it work  (Oct 28)

Turkey shot down a Russian Drone  (Oct 27)

Russia, Syria and the Religious war  (Oct 27)

stocks and bonds will not crash in 2015  (Oct 25)

It’s not time to sell the DAX (oct 22)

The Dow is getting ready to Soar  (Oct 21)

why its time to investing in banking stocks (oct 18)

Ignore the Yield Curve- bank stocks are a bargain (Oc 16)

Dr. Copper back from the dead; time to buy or blink (Oct 7)

China’s Stock Market Crash; time for panic or restraint  (Oct 2)

Gold prices set to jump in 2015? (Sept 22)

Market Sell off; is it time to panic  (Sept 12)

Forever Quantitative easing continues unabated  (Sept 10)

Currency wars detonate (Aug 27)

The Gold Bull is Dead (Aug 21)

Currency wars intensify (Aug 20)

Contrarian investing Guidelines for beginners  (August 14)

Market Shenanigans (July 30)

Random Musings; Central Bankers recreating reality (June 10)

Free Markets no longer exist (June 2, 2015)

Religious Wars Escalating (May 24)

Two key Market Indicators rendered useless (April 20)


Is The U.S.A Still A Super Power? (Oct 25)

China; A Great Time To Buy (Oct 25)

Not Time To Short The Markets Yet As Long Term Trend Still Intact (Oct 24)

Dollar Bull Still In Play  (Oct 24)

Market Trend is up and all pullbacks are buying opportunities (Oct 2)

Gold Approaching Critical Juncture (Sept 30)

Copper at make or break point  (Sept 27)

A New Era In Trading (Jan 25, 2014)



Gold Still No Bottom In Sight  (April 27, 2013)

Currency wars and other developments (Feb 11, 2013) 

Yen outlook by Sol Palha (Jan 7, 2013)


Gold Heading Much Lower In 2013 (Dec 31)

Market In Corrective Phase, But Long Term Trend Still Intact ( Nov 15)

Dollar bottom close at hand: Gold Not Worth The Risk (Nov 12)

Yen Bottom Nowhere In Sight (Nov 7)

Gold heading higher before a stronger correction takes hold (Sept 20)

Market Heading Higher But Expected To Top In March  (Feb 1)


Still Not Time To Open Long Positions In the Market (Oct 1)

Gold has topped out (Oct)

Yen Has Put In A Long Term Top (Sept)

Dollar set for Multi-year Rally (Sept)

Euro has nowhere to go but down (Sept)

It’s Not A Good Time To Buy Gold (Aug 30)

Interesting Charts (July 26)

Dangerous Signals (June 21)

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