EU 27 meet in Brussels – and the UK is not invited

EU 27 meet in Brussels – and the UK is not invited

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” Naysayers and Doctors of doom were busy stating that all Hell was breaking loose in China.  What many of these penguins failed to understand or even realise is that there are many reasons China’s reserves were dropping. The reserves are in worthless Dollars; China wants to diversify so it was moving money out of dollars and into Gold and other tangible assets. They don’t want to hold onto worthless paper that the Fed can create whenever it so wishes.  China could have been paying down debt; another way to put this money to good use, instead of holding it while the U.S continues to inflate the supplies of dollars at a mind-boggling rate. Finally,  Money was being deployed into new infrastructure projects.

One thing to keep in mind is that both China and Russia are looking for some way to replace the US dollar as the World’s reserve currency.   The US has abused this power and forced other nations to accept worthless dollars. The only reason we don’t follow the same path as Greece is because our Dollar is the World’s reserve currency; if not for this, we would have followed the same path as Greece.  ”  China dumping worthless dollars & buying Gold bullion

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EU 27 meet in Brussels – and the UK is not invited