Financial Experts vs. Burros: Two Perspectives on Investing

He that can have patience can have what he will.
Benjamin Franklin

Plain evidence that financial experts know even less than Jackasses

Financial Experts vs Burros

We are still not convinced that Gold is entirely out of the woods.  Peter Schiff is busy telling everyone that it was a bad idea to have sold Gold in 2011 and that inflation would raise its ugly head. He also states that businesses could fire people, and things would spiral out of control. Peter Schiff is a glorified Jackass.

If you want to lose money, you listen to Peter Schiff. We strongly disagree with his jackass views, where he states that investors should have held onto Gold from 2011 and not sold it. The price of Gold alone shows that he is and has been wrong, but will he admit to this? No, he won’t. Instead, he will make even more stupid proclamations as to why Gold will soar, and the US dollar will collapse. Look at this old video and see how wrong he has been.

James Sinclair’s other patsy calls for Gold to move to $50,000 an ounce. Even when we dream, we find it hard to envision such a price. This begs the following question. Hey, dude, what the hell are you smoking? This is nothing but fear-mongering, and the markets are ruthless to those driven by fear or euphoria.  If Gold were to trade for $50,000 an ounce, you would be living in a cave with bats and guns, and the world, as you know it, would have fallen apart.

Financial experts are Burros in the world of investing.

As long as man does not evolve, man will find a way to rob Peter and Paul. So Gold standard or rubbish standard matters not, for you need to change the mindset of the beings that control either medium. That is why the Fed gave the hard money crowd a thrashing they will never forget. It inflated the money supply to mind-boggling levels, strengthened the dollar and Hammered Gold.

How did they achieve this feat?  They controlled the velocity of money, and they could have their cake and their pie.  Now they are buying up Gold at a lower price with the extra worthless paper they created while the hard money experts keep chanting nonsense that the Fed is backed into a corner. If it’s a corner, it must be a pretty cushy corner with all the comforts of a five-star hotel.   The trend is still neutral, but as it moves from negative to neutral, we will not be satisfied until it turns bullish. Gold will experience

The trend for Gold is still neutral, but as it moves from negative to neutral, we will not be satisfied until it turns bullish. Gold will experience another strong correction.  This correction will knock all the early bulls out and force a lot of die-hard bulls to throw the towel in and call it quits, and that is when Gold will bottom. 

Peter Schiff talks big about oil, but it drops instead of moving higher. You can see that listening to such financial experts is the best formula for financial loss

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