Goldman Sachs History Unveiled: Controversies and Current Allegations

"Goldman Sachs History Unveiled: Controversies and Current Allegations"

Exploring Goldman Sachs History Amidst Turmoil and Controversy

Blumenthal did claim that Erukhimov led the group to The Boardroom bar, where he kept buying rounds of drinks for everyone. He had imbibed too much and beseeched Erukhimov to escort him back to the Goldman office, but Erukhimov spurned his request and took him to his flat instead.

Blumenthal asserted that Erukhimov concocted a drink containing alcohol and sleeping pills and subsequently committed a sexual assault against him. The ensuing morning, Blumenthal woke up feeling giddy and had difficulty ambulating and communicating. Erukhimov dispatched him a text message indicating that he had “blacked out” and couldn’t recall the events.

Blumenthal registered the incident with the human resources department of Goldman Sachs, which initiated an inquiry. According to the lawsuit, Erukhimov was discharged in April 2018. However, Blumenthal accused Goldman Sachs of neglecting to shield him or forestall the purported transgression from transpiring.

Goldman Sachs’ spokesperson told Vanity Fair that they thoroughly scrutinised accusations of misbehaviour and terminated Erukhimov following an internal investigation. Erukhimov did not reply to Vanity Fair’s request for comment.

Blumenthal’s lawsuit is ongoing, but it has brought to light the noxious culture that can exist in the high finance industry. As the recent revelations about working conditions at Goldman Sachs demonstrate, it is not solely interns who are vulnerable to maltreatment and inhumanity in banking. Source


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