U.S Ranks Last for health care among 11 industrialized nations

Despite having the most expensive health care system, the United States ranks last overall among 11 industrialized countries on measures of health system quality, efficiency, access to care, equity, and healthy lives, according to a new Commonwealth Fund report.

U.S Ranks Last for health care among 11 industrialized nations

The other countries included in the study were Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand Norway, Sweden Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. While there is room for improvement in every country, the U.S. stands out for having the highest costs and lowest performance—the U.S. spent $8,508 per person on health care in 2011, compared with $3,406 in the United Kingdom, which ranked first overall. Full Story

Even though we spend the most money in the world, our health care system is pathetic, to say the least. Adding insult to injury is that the cost of this crappy health care. If you add Asia to the equation, then health care costs in the US are astronomical. You can get better treatment for a fraction of the cost.  Our hospitals look old and ancient compared to those in Asia.  From simple doctors check to open heart surgery the price differential is huge when compared to the cost of having the procedure done at a five-star hospital in Asia. In many instances, one can pay for the entire procedure from the deductible and in many instances still have money left to spend on a vacation.

This is why medical tourism is soaring as more and more individuals discover the benefit of going overseas to have their ailments taken care of as opposed to almost being forced into bankruptcy if they opt for these procedures in the U.S.

Our health care is not up to par, our middle class is dying, and real wages have not increased since 2000. To add insult to injury, the U.S does not even make it to the top five of the happiest countries in the world.  We barely make the top 10.

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