U.S Government lies: real unemployment rate 22.9%

U.S Government lies: real unemployment rate 22.9%

The most recent jobs numbers masked a dark story. Unemployment held steady at 5.1%, but only 59.2% of Americans have a job. The difference is the unemployment rate only counts people who don’t have a job and are actively looking for one. The labor force participation rate is perhaps a more accurate gauge of the economy. It includes people who’ve given up, don’t want to, or can’t work, and it fell to 62.4% last quarter Full story

[color-box color=”red”]The data the BLS puts out does not give you a real picture of what is going on. According to the BLS, the unemployment rate is roughly 5%. Shadow statistics on the other hand states that as of Dec 2015, the unemployment rate 22.9%[/color-box]

 U.S Government lies: real unemployment rate 22.9%

Wage stagnation

Real wages have been declining since 2000. In fact, $22.41 today has the same purchasing power an hourly salary of $4.03 cents hand in 1973.

Student debt is a time bomb waiting to explode. It stands at $1.3 trillion and is growing roughly at a rate of $2,800 every second.  As of June 2015, 11.5% of the debt was delinquent for at least 90 days according to Bloomberg.  40 million American now are carrying some form of student loans. 70% of college students graduate with debt and they are not guaranteed of landing a job upon graduation.  The department of education has stated that the by 2025 this debt is set to surge to almost$2.5 trillion.  A massive default here will make the financial crisis of 2008 appear to be a walk in the park.

Game plan

[color-box color=”green”]The Fed is hell bent on punishing savers and rewarding speculators. Hence, the only game strategy is to also speculate, but if you are going to speculate you need to have a good game strategy.  The best strategy is to compile a key list of strong stocks and then wait for strong pullbacks to deploy new capital. The strong pullback the markets have experienced in Jan (2016) provide the perfect backdrop to put this strategy into play.  Our subscriber faithfully rely on The Trend Indicator , which has predicted every top and bottom of this current bull.  The strategy is simple, when the trend is up, you use pullbacks to open new positions. When the trend is down you close your positions.; short and simple.  [/color-box].

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