Investment Opportunities: Trump says Fed totally controlled politically

Investment Opportunities: Trump says Fed totally controlled politically

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

Investment Opportunities; Identify the trend first

If CNN, FOX, CNBC, etc are the main sources you use to base your investment decisions on, perhaps it is time for a change in strategy. These outlets focus on amplifying the “noise factor”. Their only purpose is to make sure that the crowd will overreact to any given event.

We live in a world of information overkill and 90% or more of it is garbage.  Conceivably,  this is why experts who have been focussing on the fundamentals cannot understand why this market continues to surge higher. Fundamental data is provided in a standard format, so everyone that has access to it draws the same conclusion. Forget Main Stream Media Unless You Love Losing

Mass media’s Stock Market Prediction as good as rubbish

Here’s a list of past predictions from the media that have failed to materialise. 

After a tentative opening trade Thursday just after the opening bell, vastly oversold U.S. stock markets launched a modestly respectable rally for much of the day, soaring over +200 Dow points at one juncture. As of 3:45 p.m. EDT, just 15 minutes before the markets close, the Dow is challenging the +200 mark again. All three averages are up over one per cent at this point, although it will take some concerted action to take back what’s been lost over roughly the last 10 trading days.

For the most part, we’re likely seeing an extremely oversold bounce here, as things have gotten way too negative lately. The main villain in the recent decline, interest rate fears notwithstanding, has been crude oil, which has been badly battered this week. WTI and Brent crude is up an unimpressive 0.29 cents and 0.66 cents respectively and futures traders seem determined to hold things down, this despite the upcoming annual shutdown of many U.S. refineries for maintenance.

But it’s the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy that will continue to haunt markets through next week, until the central bank makes its official pronouncement, at least as far as the next month or two are concerned. Fears of a September interest rate hike have been savaging stocks and bonds for over a week, but the Fed will have to jack those rates up sooner rather than laterFull Story

Tactical Investor outlook: Investment Opportunities Abound

“I think the Fed is being totally controlled,” Trump said in response to a question about interest rates. “They’re not raising rates. And they’re being controlled politically.”

What many experts fail to understand is that a bull market starts only after the old high has been taken out. Until that occurs, it’s not a real bull market. In that sense, the NASDAQ bull has just started. For over 15 years the NASDAQ struggled to overcome this hurdle. Jack in the box is what comes to mind; so like a coiled spring, it is ready to trade a lot higher before it breaks down.  The NASDAQ has already broken past the psychologically significant 6000 level, so the odds are fair to high that it should roughly double from its breakout point; a move to the 9000-10,000 ranges might appear insane now. Experts would have felt the same way if someone told them that the Dow would be trading past 21K after it dropped below 7,000 in 2009. What happened to the stock market crash experts were predicting

When the Masses panic investment opportunities Abound

The stock market is not flashing any signals that an impending crash is in the horizon Market sentiment is far from bullish, and the internal structure of the market is still strong.  The trend is positive, and therefore, sharp pullbacks should be viewed through a bullish lens.  Mass Psychology clearly states that one should only abandon the ship when the masses are jumping up for Joy. Presently the masses are not jumping up for Joy, in fact, they seem to be concerned that the current trade wars and the extremely polarised political scene could derail this bull market. Stock market Bull 2018 Still In Play

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