Trump at Davos-America first amid Swiss protests

Trump at Davos-America first amid Swiss protests

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We cover multiple arrays of topics for one simple reason. The world is interconnected, and it is not only financial factors that drive the markets. Geopolitics is another major driving force behind the markets. Crowd Psychology dictates that if you focus on the tree, you will forget that the tree is part of a forest and in doing so you will miss the bigger picture. For example, George Soros is behind the surge in fake stories, the massive Anti-Trump riots and the funding of plethora of revolutions that seek to change the existing regime.  Having the ability to cross analyse multiple factors with an open mind provides you with a much clearer picture of what to expect from the financial markets. On that note, we think you might find the following story of interest:

No one can claim to have mastered the markets fully and anyone that does lay claim to such a title should be avoided like the plague.   For example, after QE all the rules changed and many time-tested indicators simply ceased to work because the operating environment had changed forever. The markets were suddenly hit with a force that they had never been hit with before.  A fed that was determined to destroy any shred of free market forces left in the market.  This surprised everyone, and it even caught us off guard initially.  Many so-called experts refuse to accept that they made a mistake or could be wrong. Bull Markets Vs Bear Markets & Arrogance


US President Donald Trump said on Friday that America would come “first” but would not be “alone” during a speech at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.

By welcoming foreign investors to continue pouring money into the US, which is “open for business” under the businessman-turned-president, Trump appeared to soften the populist-isolationist rhetoric for which he is known.

In Zurich, demonstrators held signs saying “No Trump, no coal, no gas, no fossil fuels” as they marched through the city’s financial district.

In Geneva, protesters placed a memorial wreathe for Heather Heyer, a counterprotester killed by a white nationalist at a US far-right rally in August, at the entrance of the US diplomatic mission.

Professor Juan Cole, a visiting professor at Qatar University, told Al Jazeera that a strong stock market doesn’t necessarily help the US.

“Only 50 percent of the American public has any kind of relationship to the stock market and a lot of that is through pensions,” Cole said. Read more


President Donald Trump found a softer way to package his ‘America First’ agenda he strode through the conference center on his first day in Davos, calling for prosperity and ‘great peace.’

‘I think the real message is we want great prosperity and we want great peace,’ Trump said after holding back-to-back meetings with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

‘And I think that really is the message,’ Trump told pool reporters who trailed him at each scheduled meeting at the gathering of bigwigs in the snowy Alpine town.

‘We’re very happy to be here,’ Trump said as he arrived. ‘The United States is doing very well, and will continue to do well and this will be a very exciting two days.’

Trump waved to a bank of cameras when he arrived, before being immediately whisked away to the annual gathering of heads of state and business leaders where he had a one-on-one meeting with May. Read more


President Donald Trump is set to bring his “America First” agenda to the elite global World Economic Forum in the Swiss ski resort of Davos later this month.

The White House confirmed that Mr Trump will attend the ritzy summit of political and business elites in the Alps town, whose name has become synonymous with the annual gathering of the rich and powerful.

Mr Trump would be the first sitting US president to attend the summit in person since Bill Clinton in 2000. Then-Vice President Joe Biden attended last year.

Xi Jinping became the first Chinese president to attend the forum in 2017, when Mr Trump was represented by Anthony Scaramucci — a longtime attendee who later served a brief and explosive tenure as Trump’s White House communications director.
“The president’s message is very much the same here as it will be there,” Ms Sanders said during her daily press briefing. “This is very much an ‘America First’ agenda. Read more



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