Stock Market Predictions 2018: Will this outlook come to pass

Forecasting the Future: Stock Market Predictions for 2018 & More

 Stock Market Predictions 2018: Will this outlook come to pass

Unveiling the Crystal Ball: Expert Stock Market Predictions for 2018

Have you ever noticed how there is always a crisis around the corner? If it is not this, it is that. For example, if it were not for the illegal immigration problem highlighted in Europe and America, there would be another issue. We are not making light of the matter but merely highlighting that the media and the governments always seem to find a crisis to promote. What is left out is that the governments are the ones that fostered the problems they are now promoting. Before delving into the stock market predictions for 2018, it is imperative to acquire the skill of disregarding the cacophony and distinguishing genuine insights from irrelevant chatter.

According to the Institute of International Finance (IIF), Global debt at the end of 2017 stood at $233 trillion; let that sink in, for that debt are several magnitudes more considerable than the combined GDP of all the nations on this planet. So what’s another trillion here or there; this debt will never be paid off.  The only way to fix this would be for the entire system to collapse, but the end result would make the great depression look like a fairy tale.

The system will collapse, but nobody knows when

The system will only collapse when the masses lose faith in Fiat, and given the current trend, the masses are not even close to this stage.  If we had to make an educated guess, we would state that when the global debt approaches $1000 trillion, the masses might be ready to challenge the system with a strong emphasis on the word might.  This is another affirmation of why all market crashes should be viewed as long-term buying opportunities.

Last week’s bullish sentiment soared to 49%

Anxiety Index confirms Stock market Bull 2018 Doldrums

 Market sentiment states Stock market Bull 2018 Doldrums will be short lived

However, this week the outlook is changing.  Bullish readings experienced a massive reversal, and on the surface, it appears that everything is normal, but if you take a closer look, you will notice two things stand out.

Firstly, the number of individuals in the neutral camp experienced a huge surge, and there were more individuals in this camp than in the other two camps.  Secondly, the anxiety index is not trending in unison with market sentiment. Typically such a significant drop in bullish sentiment would have pushed the gauge to the Panic zone.

This development indicates that the markets are in polarization or disarray.

If this is a one-time development, we can ignore it, if it is a new trend, then we will pay more attention to the individuals in the neutral camp and the anxiety index.

The bullish sentiment edged up slightly this week to 38%, but the neutral sentiment is still trading above its historical average; the current reading is 36%, so other than the extra volatility we stated the markets are going to experience as a result of very high V-readings, the game plan is the same. Market Update Aug 23, 2018

So while the bulls and the bears are being whipped, the Neutral camp is holding steady;  these readings match those of the Aug 23 update. Remember that neutrals are nothing but bear with no teeth and bulls with no B***S; in other words, they do not know which direction to run.

One week later, The Crowd is in Panic mode.

Stock Market Predictions : view crashes as opportunity focus on mass sentiment

My, my what a big difference one week can make; first, the crowd was happy now it’s in panic mode and everything we stated in advance is coming to pass.

The masses always sit on the wrong side of the fence

This excerpt that was sent out to our paid subscribers on the 15th of October illustrates this point quite succinctly.  Don’t focus on Stock Market Predictions For Tomorrow as that is the wrong angle to focus on. Instead, focus on building a list of stocks you would love to own and use the fear factor to your advantage. Buy when the masses are in a state of panic and sell when they are happy.

Downside volume surged, but that data has lost its value over the years, especially post 2008.  The most significant development this week is that bullish sentiment dropped down to 29; to put this into perspective remember that last week bullish sentiment came in at 47. This is a massive drop and well below the historical average.

Such a massive drop in sentiment indicates that no matter how sharply this market pulls back it should be viewed as a bullish development.   The combined score of the bears and neutrals now stands at 71%. The anxiety index has also experienced a new sharp swing, indicating that the crowd is now in a precarious state; no bull market has ever ended on a sour note, and we do not think this will be the start of a new trend.

Dow Utilities Painting Bullish Picture?

The picture emerging from the Dow utilities is very bullish, and it almost ensures that the Dow is going to be trading close at or above 27K within six months or less. Now you can worry and join the experts that are predicting an end to this bull and in doing so follow the same pattern of leaping before looking. Keep a journal for this trading journal will prove to be far more valuable than any other lesson you will ever learn when it comes to the market. 

We have been through these shakeouts before, the weak hands always fold and then when the markets bottom out they scream with anger promising never to repeat the same mistake but end up doing precisely the same thing they did before. 

No market trends up in a straight line, and it is very healthy (especially for such a mature bull market) to let out a healthy dose of steam. In Feb the Dow shed over 3k points from high to low, but after all the noise, the markets bottomed out, the bears got hammered, the neutrals waited and only the astute investors who did not let their emotions do the talking benefited. Stock market crashes are buying opportunities as long as the primary trend is up and the primary trend is up.  Market Update Oct 15, 2018

Key Stock Market Predictions for 2018: Conclusion

Right now the logical thing to do based on the many articles being penned by so-called experts, is to panic.  Stop and take a deep breath.  Is panic not the most comfortable option on the table? Regarding the markets, the easiest option is almost always wrong.  The contrarian play utilising the concepts of mass psychology is to jump up in joy when others panic and vice versa.  So, even though it is the hardest thing to do right now, relax and observe (keep notes, too); you will be surprised at what you will discover.

So if you are in panic mode, ask yourself why? Have the markets not pulled back strongly before? How did you react back then; are you reacting the same way now? What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing repeatedly and hoping for a new outcome.

Were you looking to buy quality stocks at a lower price? If the answer is yes, then what changed?  So our Stock Market Predictions For Tomorrow is that there will always be someone pushing the end of the world scenario. History shows that these chaps are wrong, instead of focusing on the fear factor, focus on the opportunity factor.  To wrap the critical stock market prediction for 2018 is simple, follow the trend and ignore the noise.


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