Science Explains Why People Stick Foreign Objects Up Their Butts

Science Explains Why People Stick Foreign Objects Up Their Butts

n the seventies, they were called “social injuries of the rectum,” bestowing a certain refined dignity upon an often-solitary ritual. Between 1993 and 2002, they became more common: the University of Southern California General Hospital admitted one patient per month who had stuck and lost something up their butt for the first time. Since then, emergency rooms have officially stoppedclassifying foreign rectal bodies as an uncommon reason for admittance, according to a 2012 study by doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital.

But what hasn’t really changed over time is society’s childish attitude toward them. To the embarrassment and misery of individuals who have embraced the “insertion lifestyle,” admittance into a hospital still means answering the inevitable question: “Why?

The question is packed with judgment, though the existing medical research on the practice suggests that the haters should take the sticks out of their asses. Or rather, to leave them there and open their minds as well.

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22 Objects People Have Actually Lost In Their Ass

1. A body spray canister:

Ahmed: Do you think he was trying to make his farts less stinky.Erin: I wish, Ahmed. I wish.

2. A house key:

Erin: The key to his heart is really in his butt. Ahmed: Listen. As someone who regularly forgets their key at home, this speaks to me.

3. A beer bottle:

Ahmed: I just want to know if this was a closed or open bottle and also why.Erin: I am ashamed to admit I know what brand beer this is based on the shape of the bottle and now I can never buy it again.

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17 Nurses Reveal The Worst Things People Got Stuck Up Their Private Parts

1. A Barbie doll’s arm:

“The craziest thing was when a man came in with a Barbie doll’s arm stuck in his urethra(pee hole). Apparently, he ordered a sex doll off eBay, and when it arrived it was actually a Barbie doll. He was so angry that he ripped off the doll’s arm and shoved it up his penis.”

2. A knife:

“A lady came in with a knife still in her vagina. She claimed that an intruder assaulted her, but the area was not bleeding; it was as if the knife was slid into her. She later revealed that she did it herself to ‘get revenge’ on her boyfriend…”

3. A potato:

“My stepgrandma was a gynecologist. She once had an older woman come in, and at one point they took X-rays. Apparently the woman had a potato growing in her uterus. INSIDE OF HER UTERUS!”

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Why Legalizing Prostitution Would Make America Healthier, Wealthier And Safer?

It’s time for America to have a sensible conversation surrounding what is often referred to as “the world’s oldest profession”: prostitution.

At present, prostitution is criminalized across the United States. It is permitted in a few rural counties in Nevada, where licensed brothels operate under strict regulations.

Concurrently, this has done nothing to slow the demand for sex work. In 2010 alone, the Bureau of Justice reported that over 60,000 people were arrested for prostitution. Simply put, regardless of whether or not it’s legal, prostitution will continue.

Likewise, by keeping it illegal, America perpetuates an unsafe and unequal system that stigmatizes and exploits sex workers. Not to mention, there is widespread evidence that legalizing prostitution has significant public health benefits.

Legalizing sex work is a controversial subject for obvious reasons. One might argue that decriminalizing prostitution condones an industry that degrades and abuses people, especially women. This is a fair point.

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