Europe Immigration Woes: The Real Story Behind The Facade

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Europe Immigration

Europe Immigration Woes

We are exploring this issue from various points and this article should be treated as a random musing, that has valid points. Random because several issues are being addressed.

Right-wing parties are gaining traction in Europe, and we are getting closer and closer to a major clash of civilisations type event. You will know when we are close to this event; there will be a never-ending stream of attacks mounted against Muslims, and each attack will be more vicious in nature.  Sadly, there will be a lot of innocent people caught in the crossfire. People often lay blame on religion but what they should be doing is taking a look at the individuals. If you follow that line of thinking then you would call guns bad, but Guns are neither good nor bad, it’s the person that handles the gun that could be potentially good or bad. What we have are bad people; these people are rotten to the core and regardless of the religion they look for an excuse to cause misery and pain.

What’s the Solution To Europe Immigration Woes?

The only solution from a non-observer’s perspective is to deal very harshly with those that break the rules. Zero tolerance with maximum force is the only way to control stupid people that allow their repulsive desires to decide what they will or will not do. History clearly illustrates that if you don’t deal with nutcases harshly, they will deal with you harshly.

The only reason we allocate time to the topic of religion is that religion has been used as the basis to start all wars. Religion has also been used to stir the crowd with incredible success; it is the single best tool regarding manipulating the masses. Hence, in an indirect way, it has an impact on market direction.  It is easier to point an angry man in the wrong direction than a calm one, and it is infinitely easier to con an angry mob.

The video below illustrates how things have gone from bad to worse.  The game plan was to let in the worst of the worst.

Europe Immigration problems Will Fuel the Rise of the Alt-Right

This entire surge in emotions will stop the masses from seeing the most blatant fraud that is being perpetrated on mankind and one that is going to go into hyperdrive soon. Remember, a hornets’ nest is stirred for a reason while you are fighting the Hornets; a sly fox will come in and steal several of your chickens and continue to do so for a very long time, and you will never notice this. You will be too busy trying to kill the hornets.

You are all aware of this fraud; it started off as QE, and it will end with the entire world-embracing negative rates.  Central bankers are already aware that people will save more and more out of fear, even though banks will charge them a fee to hold onto their money. People are saving more and more because of uncertainty; they don’t know what the future holds, so they save even though it means taking on a loss.

Europe Immigration Crisis Update 2019

When these immigrants are accepted, many countries do not possess the ability to integrate them within their own societies. Often, immigrants end up confined in camps and ghettos. Many of them face severe problems created by their own cultures, which are frequently so very different from Western cultures and may even be antagonistic to European principles. For example, in Italy, around 70,000 immigrants arrived in 2015, but in 2017 this total was reduced to a bit more than 23,000.1

However, even though the numbers have shrunk, the general sense of alarm surrounding the immigrant issue has not lessened. The psychological impact has not followed the numbers. In fact, the opposite is the case. The issue of absorbing immigrants into Europe has continued growing, creating new politics and societies, and affecting the continent’s entire future. The issue of real refugees vs. economic migrants still raises overwhelming questions, and the problems are still immense. For this reason, it is worthwhile examining this issue, along with the concerns of the Western world. Full Story

The Guardians Take on this Situation

Everyone agrees Europe needs to urgently overhaul its asylum and immigration rules. At present Spain, Italy and Greece take most of the strain owing to their geographical position on the Mediterranean Sea and the fact that, under EU law, asylum seekers must lodge their applications in the first EU country they enter.

However, no one can agree on what to do: some countries want tougher external border controls, others fairer distribution of new arrivals. Any solution will have to balance the concerns of “frontline” southern states with those of wealthier northern “destination” states while dealing with the refusal of hardline central and eastern ones (such as Hungary and Poland) to accept any migrants at all. Full Story

A different Perspective on the Immigrant Crisis in Europe

In this context, the year 2015 marked the end of an epoch and the beginning of a new one. The post–World War II order had been replaced by a new reality. The old framework, the old logic, the old understanding of migration as something ruled by the principles of the 1951 convention had come into question. People were fleeing war and persecution, yes, but they were also fleeing economic hardship, despair, and the consequences of climate change. They will continue to do that for the foreseeable future, and Europe seems not really prepared, morally, politically, or institutionally, to deal with this challenge. European nations built walls and fences, avoiding the future by retreating to the past, which had been a place of conflict and bloodshed not all that long ago. Full Story

Fiat Currency is Behind All of Mankinds problems Including Europe Immigration Woes

Experts will state that central bankers miscalculated, but the truth is that they did not miscalculate, they were planning for this.  However, after, sometimes, the masses will realise that they have no option but to speculate and suddenly they will all act in unison. They will jump out of the box and start to look desperately for higher yields, and there is no better casino in town than the stock market. It offers the allure of infinite wealth but rarely delivers such gains to the masses.

The idea here is to back the crowd into a corner like you would a rat in a small cage, finally when it has nowhere to turn, it will lash out and strike, realising that its life is at stake. Whether it wins or not is irrelevant, the goal was to get into lash out like a tiger.  If the central bankers are successful, they will have created one of the biggest stimulus programs in history, and the masses will be the ones funding it.

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