Putin strikes, Iran Joins and Russia & U.S blunders

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Putin strikes, Iran Joins and Russia & U.S blunders

Putin’s Airstrikes on Syria Are Not What You Think

Since Russian President Vladamir Putin began his military air campaign in Syria last week, Western media has been clamouring to explain his motivation. Most of the analysis so far has been incomplete or half-baked at best. News agencies today are detached from the idea that in-depth journalism requires them to consult with history. If they were to do so, they will quickly come to the conclusion that all Putin is doing is using the same Modus Operandi that Russia, Europe and the US have used in the region for decades.

The Arab Oil Embargo of the 1970s taught the West very valuable lessons on the volatility of oil markets: Threaten the supply and the price of crude oil will double if not triple in a short period. Since then, the West has figured it will be in its best interest to keep the region unstable to sell the fear that oil supply is under constant threat. This was the lever-in-disguise that many US administrations pulled including Bush/Cheney’s real reasons for invading Iraq. Successive Russian administration went along with this philosophy since it benefited them in both arms sales and as the world’s largest oil producer. As a result of these blood-soaked policies, hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East have died, and the objective of keeping oil prices artificially high was met.

The chief enforcer of these policies was the US, the Alpha dog on the world stage since the end of World War II. But things were soon to change. In 2008 America voted for a president who promised to end all wars the US was involved in. With Obama’s election came what appeared to be the most passive foreign policy since the Wilson Administration. The idea that the US will no longer be the global police automatically activated the next opportunists in line to fill the vacuum. Putin, intent on reclaiming the past glory of Mother Russia fired the first shot by invading Ukraine. President Obama countered with a stern speech and several bullet points outlining why in his words “This wasn’t 21st-century behaviour.Full Story

Another one of those rare stories that explore areas that most reporters in the popular media ignore or are commanded to ignore. Read it to the end; it makes for an interesting read.

Iranian troops prepare to aid Russia with Syrian ground assault, officials say

More Iranian troops have arrived in Syria for an upcoming ground operation to accompany Russian airstrikes, defence officials confirm to Fox News. “It has always been understood in this building that the Russians would provide the air force, and the Iranians would provide the ground force in Syria,” one official said.

Army Col. Steve Warren told reporters, “We know the Iranians are a part of this. We’ve known that since day one.”

The officials speaking to Fox News could not disclose the size of this new Iranian force due to the sensitivity of the information.

These Iranian forces are under the command of Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, the Quds Force commander in charge of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s international operations, which runs a network of proxy forces throughout the Middle East, including Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon.

Fox News first reported a secret meeting between Soleimani and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which took place in late July.  Part of the discussions between Soleimani and Putin was the future Russian buildup in Syria, coordinated closely with Iran.Full Story

Soon the Iraqis will ask Putin for Help. In the end, all the Shiites in the region will join forces, and it will change the landscape forever. The nation that will feel the biggest brunt will be the U.S; its role there will be reduced to an observer.


U.S. assessment on Russia in Syria: A ‘strategic blunder.’

Washington (CNN)There is no ambiguity now about Russia’s current tactics in Syria — they are seeking to take over the airspace in the region and be the agenda-setting force on the ground, several senior administration officials told CNN.

“Yesterday’s demarche to the U.S. by Russian officials in Baghdad was clear in its intent,” one senior administration official said. “Make sure you don’t have anyone around ISIS targets and get out of the air.”

And while U.S. officials have no plans to cede Russia any ground, they also said it appears that Russian President Vladimir Putin made a dramatic chess move that the Russians have not thought through — one official even called it a “strategic blunder.”Had the Russians been clear that they are providing support in Syria to prevent Syrian President Bashar al-Assad regime’s collapse — a scenario that would benefit ISIS — they might have gotten some credit on the world stage.

But their very first strikes in the region hit CIA-backed anti-Assad rebel forces, Arizona Republican John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Thursday on CNN’s “New Day.”

And U.S. officials note that every bomb against a non-ISIS Sunni target puts them more in bed with Iran and Hezbollah, which are Shiite. U.S. allies in the Persian Gulf warn that this could set off a massive sectarian conflict and that the deeper the Russians get into this, the harder officials believe it will be to get a diplomatic process with the Saudis and others restartedFull Story

Sure, their first strike hit CIA, based assets, because these CIA based assets are the ones causing the most problems. Who are we to tell the people of another nation who should rule them or not.

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