Putin sticks by Syria and Chechen Terrorists invited to Ukraine

Putin sticks by Syria and Chechen Terrorists invited to Ukraine

Putin pledges to keep up military support for Syria’s Assad

Dushanbe (Tajikistan) (AFP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday pledged to continue military support for Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad after Washington sounded the alarm over an alleged military build-up by Moscow in the war-torn country.

“We support the government of Syria in its fight against terrorist aggression, we provide and will go on providing it with all necessary military assistance,” Putin said at a regional security conference in ex-Soviet Tajikistan.A US military official told AFP on Monday that Russia has sent artillery units and seven tanks to a Syrian air base as part of moves to boost its military presence there. The alleged increase of Russian hardware in Syria has caused concerns in the West about the implications of Moscow militarily helping its long-time ally Assad.

Russia has denied it is expanding its military presence in Syria but has pledged to continue support for Assad.US officials have expressed fears that Russia may strike Western-backed rebel groups battling Assad and ultimately risk a confrontation with forces fighting the Islamic State (IS) group. Moscow has been pushing for a broader coalition of forces to take on IS, but key regional players such as Saudi Arabia have ruled out fighting alongside Assad.

Putin said that Assad was willing to work with Syria’s “healthy” opposition to find a political solution to the four-and-a-half year civil war but insisted that tackling IS was the priority. “Undoubtedly the need to unite forces in the fight against terror comes to the forefront today,” Putin said. The Kremlin strongman blasted critics of Moscow’s support for the “legitimate” Syrian authorities and said the current migrant crisis rocking Europe would be even more dire if Russia had not backed Assad.

“If Russia had not supported Syria the situation in the country would be even worse than in Libya and the flow of refugees would be even greater,” he said. Full Story

Since the war broke out in Ukraine, we have been stating that Russia has changed its stance. It will no longer back down; it is now taking the war to the U.S., and China is fully backing Russia in this endeavour.  The real criminals here are those who stand behind the House of Saud.  One even wonders if these bandits can lay claim to being true Muslims; they overtly support terror; they conveniently alter Islam to suit their needs, and they treat immigrants like trash.  Millions of Muslims in Syria are homeless, and yet these bandits have not offered to help even one of their own brethren. In fact, not one member of the Gulf States has offered any help to these Syrian refugees. We can tell you from personal experience that Syrian Muslims, in general, are very open-minded and nothing like their Saudi counterparts.  The Gulf States treat migrant workers like sub-humans. When London hosted the world Cup, only one worker died, when South Africa built the facilities to host the World Cup, two workers died.  Contrast this to the Qatar world cup facilities that are being built, already 1200 workers have lost their lives, and it is estimated that 4000 will lose their lives before it’s fully complete.

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The Majority of the attackers on board, the planes that crashed into the Towers of the World Trade Centre were from Saudi Arabia, yet the U.S. attacked Iraq, under the guise of making things better. Instead years later, we have even more chaos and even more rogue states than before.  The fact that we support these bandits speaks volumes of the U.S. government’s real intentions.  Off course, the U.S. is now getting nervous, because now they will be someone else to provide an alternative viewpoint to what is going and someone who actually has the weapons and might to challenge them.

As we stated before, the Russian bear is angry, and when a bear becomes angry, it does not back down.  To make matters worse, the Chinese dragon is also upset, so now you have the bear and the dragon teaming up; a very strong and deadly combination that the U.S. will have a hard time dealing with.  Our religious provocation index has continued to surge to new highs, and this means the situation is going to become even more volatile on a global basis, especially in the Middle-East, and Europe in general. Europe could experience mini civil wars as tensions mount between the natives and the influx of new immigrants.  

Chechen Jihadis Leave Syria, Join the Fight in Ukraine

A battalion of fighters from the Caucasus is deployed on Kiev’s side in the Ukraine war. But their presence may do more harm than good. MARIUPOL, Ukraine — Just an hour’s drive from this city under siege, at an old resort on the Azov Sea that’s now a military base, militants from Chechnya—veterans of the jihad in their own lands and, more recently, in Syria—now serve in what’s called the Sheikh Mansur Battalion. Some of them say they have trained, at least, in the Middle East with fighters for the so-called Islamic State, or ISIS.

Among the irregular forces who’ve enlisted in the fight against the Russian-backed separatists in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, few are more controversial or more dangerous to the credibility of the cause they say they want to serve. Russian President Vladimir Putin would love to portray the fighters he supports as crusaders against wild-eyed jihadists rather than the government in Ukraine that wants to integrate the country more closely with Western Europe.

Yet many Ukrainian patriots, desperate to gain an edge in the fight against the Russian-backed forces, are willing to accept the Chechen militants on their side. Over the past year, dozens of Chechen fighters have come across Ukraine’s border, some legally, some illegally, and connected in Donbas with the Right Sector, a far-right-wing militia. The two groups, with two battalions, have little in common, but they share an enemy and they share this base.

The Daily Beast spoke with the Chechen militants about their possible support for the Islamic State and its affiliate in the Northern Caucasus region of Russia, which is now called the Islamic State Caucasus Emirate and is labeled a terrorist organization by both Russia and the United States. Full Story

Porky Poroshenko is getting desperate.  He is turning to the Chechens, who have no allegiance to anyone; they are one of the most ruthless and cruellest of fighters out there.  If they team with the Ukrainians now it will be only for their convenience. Once things start to go their way, they will turn on Poroshenko’s forces.   These idiots in power actually think that the US and the West for that matter, care about their country.  For the U.S., Ukraine is nothing but cannon fodder; it is just a way for them to provoke Russia.  Again, despite all the nonsense being pushed out in the media; we need to ask ourselves one question. Would the U.S. have sat quietly if Russia tried to place weapons in Cuba or Mexico?  Just to refresh your memory, the Cuban missile crisis was our response to U.S.S.R trying to place missiles in Cuba. Let’s not forget that they were actually given permission by the Cuban government to do so.

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