Political Correctness Is Still A Scourge

Political Correctness Is Still A Scourge In Britain


Editor: Vlad Rothstein | Tactical Investor

Political Correctness Is Still A Scourge

These days, in Blighty at least, the term ‘political correctness’ is generally scoffed at by all sane individuals albeit with a certain concern.

Yes, it is stupid and yes, it has no place in a sane civilised society but, sadly, it appears to be here for a while longer yet particularly when you look at universities in Britain.

Universities are the domain of young people – apart from the lecturers who may, of course, not be young. Universities – at least a worrying number – are also increasingly becoming the havens of the politically correct insane.

Some young people – and that is the worry as nobody is sure whether it’s a loony minority or a loony majority. Hopefully a loony minority but, I suppose, time will tell. Anyway, some young people at Universities in Britain either instead of studying or, perhaps, along with studying for their degrees are trying to stop anything that they consider remotely politically incorrect.

In their eyes, it appears, anything even vaguely offensive to the most sensitive souls must be stamped out a la George Orwell, like in his 1984 novel.

At some universities in Britain, including Edinburgh, Cardiff and Oxford, there are student bodies set up to supposedly protect any and all from discrimination. In and of itself this is not a bad thing but, as seems to so often be the case, those most determined to ensure the success of such bodies are in overdrive. Full Story


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