Millennials Would Rather Date MS-13 Gang Member Than a Trump Supporter

Millennials Would Rather Date MS-13 Gang Member

 Millennials Would Rather Date MS-13 Gang Member

This survey is stunning; are these people living in the twilight zone?  Daily caller reporters Stephanie Hamill and Julia Nista asked young people on the streets of Washington, D.C.  the above question.  The response to say the least was stunning. This gangs motto is to rape and or brutally murder their victims.

When asked why they wouldn’t date a Trump supporter, people said those who back the president “weren’t for them” and they would “never” do it.


While some respondents said they would rather stay single than choose either, some said they would pick a Trump supporter.

“At least they stand for something,” one woman said.

On “Fox & Friends,” conservative activist Candace Owens said she’s not surprised that a majority of millennials selected a gang member over a Trump supporter.

“We confront this all the time on college campuses,” Owens said. “There is a departure from reality that is going on.”

She argued there’s a “mass brainwashing” occurring due to the left’s rhetoric and the media that perpetuates it.

Source: Fox News Insider

The fact that Millennials Would Rather Date MS-13 Gang Member Than a Trump Supporter illustrates how bad government education is and how stupid the parents of these children are.  Sadly stupidity knows no limits.

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