Man Creates Dating App That Tricks Tons Of Women

Man Creates Dating App That Tricks Tons Of Women


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Man Creates Dating App That Tricks Tons Of Women Into Thinking He Is The only Match

Shed Simove, a British entrepreneur and author, developed an online program named “Shinder,” a play on the famous dating app “Tinder.” According to The Mirror, he said he joined many dating apps but found it challenging to stand out from the crowd.

He designed the app to present his profile to anyone who downloads and logs in through their Facebook account. Women who “swipe right” on his profile are greeted with a message saying, “Good choice! You clearly have exquisite taste. You’ll be notified if you’re a match.” Shed is hoping to find his “Shinderella,” as he puts it. Full Story


Man Creates Dating App Where He’s the Only Guy Available

Shed Simove is a multi-talented entrepreneur, author, product designer, and motivational speaker behind many unique stunts. One of his latest creations is the Shinder app, an authentic program designed to help him find love on Valentine’s Day. With a “quality, not quantity” tagline, the app presents Simove’s profile to users who log in through Facebook. He has already received over 100 matches and believes that the scarcity of potential matches will increase demand and increase his chances of success. Simove is known for his creativity and humour, with other projects including a book with 200 blank pages titled “What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex” and another called “Fifty Shades of Gray” with 200 blank pages that go from light to dark grey. Full Story

You could be flirting on dating apps with paid impersonators

I work as a “Closer” for ViDA, an online dating service that men and women, mostly men, pay to take over the labour and dullness of online dating. I talk to the matches on behalf of my clients, like the Texan man, without the matches knowing that they’re talking to a professional.

The existence of these ghostwriting services is not surprising, given that Tinder alone creates over 12 million matches each day. If you’re an American heterosexual, your chance of meeting your future spouse online is one in three. However, as the popularity of e-romance reaches a new high, so does our daily dose of rejection, harassment, and heartbreak. The vague rules of netiquette and fear of catfishing scams make it easy to understand why someone might want to hire a pro to manage their online-dating profile and keep their sanity.

Professional writers make for good online-dating assistants;

The ViDA company specializes in seducing strangers through writing, but they are also interested in their employees’ ethical flexibility and personal lives. The company employs two types of writers: Profile Writers and Closers. The former creates click-worthy profiles using recycled clichés and strict guidelines. Closers respond to messages from clients’ matches, requiring no creativity whatsoever. Even if a client has a dog, the Profile Writer can easily choose a dog-related one-liner from their manual.66  Full Story

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