Fossil fuel’s Death; Electric cars will outsell Fossil powered Cars

Fossil fuel's Death Electric cars will outsell Fossil powered Cars

Battery prices fell 35% last year and at this pace, the cost of an electric car should be comparable to the cost of gas-powered car by 2020.  Bloomberg states that by 2040,  long range electric cars will cost less than $22,000 in today’s dollars.

Fossil fuel's Death; Electric cars will outsell Fossil powered Cars

By 2040, electric vehicles could account for 35% of all new vehicle sales

Game Plan

You can invest in Battery makers and the makers of electric cars; the most famous of these is  TSLA (Tesla motors). However, we suspect there will be a lot of competition in this field soon and the price of these vehicles could plummet a lot faster than projected.   In terms of TSLA, we would use strong pullbacks to open positions, other  car makers such as Nissan and Toyota merit attention too.  In terms of battery manufacturers, NIPNF (NEC Corp) and Panasonic Corp (PCRFY) are two companies you could take a closer look at.

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