3 Steps Trump Should Take to Fight Modern-Day Slavery

3 Steps Trump Should Take to Fight Modern-Day sex Slavery

Editor: Johnathan Meyers | Tactical Investor

President’s Role in Combating Modern Day Slavery

Updated Dec 2022

Modern-day sex slavery, also known as human trafficking, is a pervasive and complex issue that demands a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach from world leaders. As the President of the United States, a position of global influence, Donald Trump, like his predecessors and successors, has a crucial role to play in combating this heinous crime.

The fight against sex trafficking begins with robust legislation. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000, a landmark piece of legislation in the U.S., provides a solid foundation. It not only defines human trafficking but also establishes methods for prosecution and victim protection. Presidents can work towards strengthening such laws and introducing new ones that address the evolving nature of trafficking.

A key aspect of this fight is international cooperation. Human trafficking is a transnational crime, often involving victims and perpetrators from different countries. Therefore, fostering international partnerships, sharing intelligence, and coordinating law enforcement efforts are crucial. Presidents can use their diplomatic influence to encourage other nations to adopt stringent anti-trafficking laws and collaborate on cross-border investigations.

Furthermore, the role of the president extends to ensuring adequate funding for anti-trafficking initiatives. This includes support for law enforcement agencies, victim services, and public awareness campaigns. The president can also advocate for the inclusion of anti-trafficking measures in broader policy areas, such as immigration, labor, and foreign aid.

Presidential Role in Fighting Human Trafficking: Awareness, Support, and Global Impact

Education and awareness are powerful tools in this fight. Presidents can use their platform to raise public awareness about the realities of sex trafficking. This can help dispel myths, encourage reporting of suspected trafficking, and reduce demand for trafficked persons.

Lastly, the president can promote a survivor-centered approach in all anti-trafficking efforts. This means prioritizing the rights, needs, and wishes of trafficking survivors in policy decisions and service provision. It also involves ensuring that survivors have access to comprehensive support services, including legal aid, healthcare, housing, and employment assistance.

In conclusion, the fight against modern-day sex slavery requires a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach. As the leader of one of the world’s most influential nations, the President of the United States has a significant role to play in this fight. Through legislation, international cooperation, funding, education, and a survivor-centered approach, presidents can substantially impact the global effort to eradicate human trafficking.

Three Actions President Trump Could Implement To Tackle Modern-Day Slavery

While human trafficking is outlawed worldwide, this horrific practice continues to persist. Contrary to common belief, it’s not solely relegated to underdeveloped nations; it occurs globally, even within our own communities.

Traffickers persistently buy and sell individuals, regardless of age or gender, exploiting them for labor or sex, raking in an estimated $150 billion annually.

To address this, there are three crucial steps the U.S. authorities should take. Firstly, there’s a need to clarify the ambiguous term “human trafficking.” A definitive grasp on its extent, victim count, and perpetrators is still lacking.

Secondly, an imperative move is to establish specialized law enforcement units dedicated to combating trafficking, stationed domestically and internationally.

Lastly, the administration should harness the Treasury Department’s tools to implement a strategic approach targeting traffickers and their financial gains following the money trail.

By undertaking these measures, we can strive to curb the menace of human trafficking on a broader scale. Full Story

Five Steps to Fight Modern Sex Slavery

Treat slavery like a crime

Every nation’s laws prohibit slavery. The fact that it flourishes nonetheless represents a failure by governments, donors, NGOs, and international institutions to enforce those laws and make them real for the world’s more than 45 million slaves.

Fund the End Modern Slavery Initiative

On December 8th, the US Congress approved a bipartisan bill granting the United States government the authority to allocate $37.5 million annually for four years to a worldwide anti-slavery effort. This initial US contribution aims to establish a $1.5 billion fund, jointly funded by both government and private sectors. The fund will direct significant resources to countries with high instances of slavery, supporting initiatives that effectively combat this crime. This will be achieved through the implementation of a unified and coordinated global strategy.

Engage governments in the clean supply chain conversation.

In recent years, various well-documented media exposés have highlighted instances of labor slavery within the supply chains of major global retailers. Numerous brands can confirm that corporations face severe criticism when cases of trafficked labor come to light. Industries like textiles, chocolate, electronics, fish, metals, bricks, and even flowers, among others, grapple with pervasive issues of forced labor, exploitation, and child labor. It’s reasonable to expect that another disheartening revelation might emerge in the near future.  Full Story

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