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Federal Reserve bank of New York; What’s their Mission?

Federal Reserve bank of New York

Like every other Federal reserve bank, they have on a mission only; Inflate the money supply or die trying.


The economic recovery everyone is talking about is pure rubbish. What is going on is that central governments worldwide are flooding the economy with cheap money. Businesses use some of this cheap money to expand their business which means they will hire more people. More workers get hired, and everyone is feeling good because overall spending is also rising. However, remove the hot money, and this house of cards collapses. While many experts might state that all hell will break loose because central bankers will be forced to stem the flow of hot money, that argument, at best, is full of holes.


Central bankers know full well that if they pull back, everything will collapse. They will continue to flood the system with money. From time to time, they will then pretend like they are easing off to create the impression that they are worried about inflation and other rubbish. We say rubbish because, as far as they are concerned, the masses are cannon fodder, and they could care less about what happens to them. The overall theme is to destroy the currency or die trying to do so. This process enables the rich to become extremely rich, kills most of the middle class and imprisons the improvised.

Random data on Investing

Many investors are stating they are itchy to jump into the markets; isn’t this bloody amazing, when the markets were crashing last year, and we were telling everyone to buy, they wanted to do the opposite. Now we are stating that its time to hold the gunpowder dry and they want to move in the opposite direction again—a classic replay of the secret desire to lose syndrome in action. Misery loves company, and stupidity simply demands it. The average mindset is wired to lose, so when you feel sure about something check ten times before you get into it, certainty about the markets is probably the best signal that you will get hammered. You buy during times of uncertainty and bank profits during times of certainty. Markets never climb a wall of joy; they climb a wall of worry and plunge down a cliff of Joy.

The madness gripping the bitcoin sector indicates that when this market corrects, it is likely to shed at least 50% from its highs if not more. The Dumb money is now chasing the tail end of the move; they always buy high and sell low. Market Update Jan 10, 2021


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