Is The Economy Improving under Trump: It appears to be

Is The Economy Improving under Trump

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Is The Economy Improving under Trump

Trump’s agenda is in some aspects strikingly similar to that of Ronald Regan’s who was known for his pro-growth policies.  When Regan took office, unemployment was in the 7.5% ranges by the time he left office it had dropped down to 5.4%. GDP growth surged and averaged 3.8% per year.  Inflation was brought down to 3.7% and averaged 4.4% during his eight-year reign.

Regan’s massive tax cuts contributed to exponential growth. He cut taxes from 70% to 28% for the top income tax rate, and reduced corporate taxes from 48% to 34%.  Could Trump’s economic Policies Propel Hated Stock Market Bull Higher

US Economic outlook

For the first time since President Donald Trump took office, the CNBC All-America Economic Survey shows more than half the public approving his handling of the economy, and it appears to be having some impact on his overall job approval rating.

The president’s economic approval rating surged 6 points to 51 per cent with just 36 per cent of the public disapproving, a 6 point drop from the March Survey.


Is The Economy Improving under Trump: Majority of Americans seem to think so

The poll of 800 adults nationwide, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points, was conducted June 16 thru 19 while the controversy over the separation of children from their parents dominated the news. But any impact on the president’s approval rating is difficult to find in the data. A comparison of the polling conducted Saturday and Sunday with Monday and Tuesday, when the story was more prominent, shows little difference despite considerable public outrage. Full Story

Americans are feeling better about the economy under Trump

In the past two weeks, two independent polls — Emerson’s last week and Zogby’s the week before — found that many (or “most,” as the president tweeted) Americans feel better about their finances under President Trump than they have in years past.

Trump’s use of the word “most” set the fringe left of the Twitter-sphere into orbit with all sorts of attacks. But the hard, cold fact for the fringe left is that the perceived improvement was so meaningful that it’s considered in statistics-speak a “substantial plurality” of people who feel better about their personal economic situations.

President Obama was an oratory rock star with skillfully delivered promises of Hope and Change. In the end, we got a whole lot of hope but very little change in our pockets.

Sure, the unemployment rate fell under Obama, but after skyrocketing medical deductibles and co-pays, America’s wallets were still running on empty. Full Story

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