What Is The Dow Jones Industrials Average Today: Trending UP

What Is The Dow Jones Industrials Average Today: Trending UP

What Is The Dow Jones Industrials Average Today

What Is The Dow Jones Industrials Average Today

 Forget about what Dow Jones Industrials is doing today and focus on the long-term outlook.  Astute investors focus on the long-term trend and not the short-term noise.  Before we continue, look at what we said back in January 2020.

Put your personal feelings aside and understand this simple fact. No bull market has ever ended on a note of fear; it has always ended on a note of extreme joy. Market Update Jan 19, 2020

After reading this report and all the information sent out this month, that’s the central theme you should walk away with. The second thing to remember is that the experiment of keeping the crowd in a state of uncertainty has worked marvellously.

This ploy is going to be used with increasing frequency in every imaginable situation. In any given case, so much data is going to be provided that individuals from both camps (left or right, bull or bear, etc.) will have enough fodder to back up their claims/assertions. Most of this data will fall under the category of “rubbish” but we can already see that most people don’t vet the info they get. They falsely assume the opinion wenches masquerading as reporters have vetted the data.



Long-Term Outlook for The Dow Jones Industrials

The current situation in the Dow Jones Industrials presents a noteworthy perspective, with insiders seizing the recent substantial pullback as an opportune moment to acquire shares. To gauge the intensity of their buying, one can examine the sell-to-buy ratio, a key indicator in this context. Typically, a ratio of 2.00 is considered normal, and a reading below 0.90 is deemed exceptionally bullish. Remarkably, the present ratio stands at a mere 0.35, signalling a robust surge in insider buying and suggesting a strong vote of confidence in the market.

The latest figures reveal a compelling narrative: Vickers’ benchmark NYSE/ASE One-Week Sell/Buy Ratio is currently at 0.33, and the Total one-week reading is at 0.35. These figures indicate not just a buying trend but a voracious appetite for shares among insiders. Drawing parallels to historical instances, insiders displayed a similar buying pattern during significant market downturns, such as in late December 2018, early 2016, and the depths of the Great Recession in late 2008/early 2009. These periods turned out to be exceptional opportunities to enter the market.

In essence, insiders seem to be conveying a message that the current market conditions present a comparable opportunity for investors. This insight aligns with historical patterns, suggesting a potential strategic advantage for those considering entry into the market.  https://yhoo.it/2TV0cE2


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