Clinton in dead heat with Trump offers sharper contrast

Clinton in dead heat with Trump offers sharper contrast

Dead Heat: Hillary vs Trump

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We are entering a new paradigm; get used to forever QE, though it will be given other names along the journey to make it appear more palatable. The US and by default worldwide debt is set to soar to preposterous levels; if a national debt of almost $22 trillion is shocking to some; imagine how they will feel when the debt soars to $100 trillion.  Market Update Feb 28, 2019

If you shook your head vigorously when you read the above statement,  print it and put it somewhere, you can easily access and then review it a few years from today.  You will be unpleasantly surprised to see how much the situation has changed; the masses are not paying any attention to the national debt.

Central bankers have become very adept at deflating a nation’s currency while maintaining the illusion all is well. This is achieved by subsidising key industries, using a basket of goods that (and the sectors these goods originate from are usually the one’s receiving massive subsidies) paint a false picture regarding inflation and most importantly, they control the media.    Let’s briefly look at some of these subjects today. Fiat Currency: Instruments of Mass Destruction


Washington (AFP) | 22 May 2016 17:48

The new Washington Post/ABC News survey found the presidential frontrunners in “a virtual dead heat” among registered voters.

Never in the poll’s history, The Post said, had two major party nominees been viewed as harshly, with nearly 6 in 10 voters holding negative impressions of both candidates.

That underscored a growing sense of urgency in the Clinton campaign to define her both more clearly and positively — a task made harder by her inability to shake off her tenacious Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders.

Clinton, in an appearance on NBC, challenged Trump’s “Make America Great” slogan, suggesting that “he seems to be particularly focused on making himself appear great.”

The former secretary of state said her campaign would be “demonstrating the hollowness of his rhetoric, and the danger of a lot of what he has said.”

– ‘We’re stronger together’ –

Asked to sum up her own message, Clinton said, “We’re stronger together.”

She said Americans needed to unify and work together to improve the economy. “We’re stronger together when we have a bipartisan, even nonpartisan foreign policy that protects our country. And that provides the kind of steady, strong, smart leadership that the rest of the world expects.”

But the new poll seemed to show that if Americans are united about anything, it is in their dissatisfaction with the two leading candidates. Full Story

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