Clinton To Campaign For Democrats

Clinton To Campaign For Democrats

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Clinton to Selectively Campaign for Democratic Candidates in the 2018 Midterm Elections

Text: Despite having a lower favorability rating than President Donald Trump, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton plans to campaign for select Democratic congressional hopefuls in the 2018 midterm elections. According to a December Gallup poll, Clinton’s favorability rating hit a new low of 36 per cent, while Trump’s most recent job approval rating was at 40 per cent in early February.

Clinton’s advisors and friends have said that the former secretary of state wants to keep a low profile to avoid attracting criticism from Republican candidates. However, some Democrats believe that Clinton could be helpful if she campaigns in districts where she won the presidential election. “If she’s willing to go into those districts she won, she would be accommodating,” said former Democratic Representative Steve Israel of New York in December. “Trump’s numbers have only fallen in those districts, so you start there. It would be such a loss if she sat it out and a double loss if she didn’t go into those districts.”

Despite her lower favorability rating, Clinton remains a well-known figure and could still have an impact on the midterm elections. Her selective campaigning for Democratic candidates shows that she still has influence within the party, even if she is not as popular as she once was.  Read more

 Could Hillary Clinton Make a Comeback

Some Democrats believe that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could boost the party’s chances in the 2018 midterms by challenging Donald Trump in a showdown. Despite Clinton’s September pledge that her career as an active politician is over, there are calls for her to come in from the cold and campaign for Democratic candidates in districts where she previously had strong support.

With no central unifying figure and a party that has separated into sparring factions since the departure of former president Barack Obama, Clinton’s potential involvement in the midterms could prove beneficial for the party. “For me, it’s a no-brainer,” said former representative Steve Israel, previously Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman, in an interview with The Hill. “If she’s willing to go into those districts she won, she would be extraordinarily helpful. Trump’s numbers have only fallen in those districts, so you start there. It would be such a loss if she sat it out and a double loss if she didn’t go into those districts.”

However, not everyone is convinced that Clinton’s involvement would be a positive for the party. Some fear that her involvement could further divide the party and potentially hurt Democratic chances in the midterm elections. Despite the mixed opinions, the possibility of Clinton returning to the political fray has generated significant buzz. It highlights the ongoing struggle within the Democratic Party to find a central unifying figure. Read more

The Irony of Being a Losing Presidential Candidate: Hillary Clinton’s Second Chance

Despite losing the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Hillary Clinton has found a new role as a public figure with a unique opportunity. As a losing candidate, she no longer has to worry about being portrayed by her opponents as a “bloodthirsty gargoyle.” Instead, she can go on late-night talk shows and be self-deprecating and winsome; people will take her seriously.

However, Clinton’s post-election comments have been criticized by some as being out of touch with the very people she failed to win over. In accusing weak-minded white women of blindly voting for men, she inadvertently proved why they didn’t vote for her. Her failure to connect with key constituencies in states like Michigan and Wisconsin resulted in her losing the election by a small margin.

Yet, Clinton’s second chance has allowed her to speak her mind without the pressure of running for office. She can criticize the current administration and champion her own causes without the scrutiny of a political campaign. Although her favorability ratings have declined, Clinton still has influence and remains a prominent figure in American politics.

Clinton’s experience shows that being a losing presidential candidate can be one of the best jobs in America. It provides a unique opportunity to speak your mind and be heard without the constraints of running for office. However, it also highlights the importance of connecting with voters and understanding their concerns, a lesson Clinton learned the hard way. Read more

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