China’s takes no prisoners approach towards radical Islam

China's takes no prisoners approach towards radical Islam


The following excerpts from various articles show how China is dealing with Radical Islam

In these troubled regions, China has banned all Muslim civil servants, Muslim students, and Muslim teachers, especially in the Xinjiang province with a large Muslim population in the northwest, from fasting during Ramadan. In addition to the ban on fasting, China has ordered restaurants to stay open all day during Ramadan.

“Food service workplaces will operate normal hours during Ramadan,” a notice posted on the website of the state Food and Drug Administration said. Even wearing the hijab in public, including on public transportation and when getting married in a religious ceremony, was banned in 2014, with fines of about $353 for wearing a hijab in public. In China’s Muslim trouble-making areas, prohibiting alcohol and smoking and eating halal food is considered radical behavior and is also banned. Wherever there is a Muslim revolution, there is a ban on Islam.

The Chinese do allow the practice of Islam, but when the radicals try to force moderate Muslims to convert and then attempt to force their views on other dominant cultures, the Chinese government’s react in a very harsh manner.  Look at what the leader of the Uyghur Muslims who goes by the name of Abdullah Mansour has to say

“1- Who are we? We are a group of workers for Islam and the Mujahideen for the cause of Allah to save the worshipers from the worshiping of worshipers [so that they can] worship the lord of the worshipers all over [the world] in general and Turkistan in particular. [This group] arose so that its members could cooperate on tawhid and purity and Allah-fearing and jihad for the cause of Allah, so as to liberate East Muslim Turkistan from the infidel Communist Chinese invasion and repulsing its invasion from religion of the Muslims and their honor and souls and money so as to establish Allah’s pure religion, and empowering the Islamic Shari’a in Turkistan, and cooperate with the Mujahideen Muslims in the name of Allah all over the Muslim world to restore the wise Islamic caliphate and empower Allah’s Shari’ah on the world.” – Charter of the Turkistan Islamic Party – The Media Center of the Turkistan Islamic Party.[20]

The rise of Radical Islam; the untold story of Muslim opinions & demographics

“Third: Working and cooperating with all the Jihadi groups for the cause of Allah everywhere, so as to repulse the invasion of the infidel from them, and establishing Allah’s Shar’iah everywhere. “Say thou: ‘This is my way: I do invite unto Allah,- on evidence clear as the seeing with one’s eyes,- I and whoever follows me. Glory to Allah. and never will I join gods with Allah.'” {Yusuf :108}” – Charter of the Turkistan Islamic Party – The Media Center of the Turkistan Islamic Party.[20]

“If you do not wage jihad, you will never be able to get rid of the oppression of the infidels which makes you abandon the religion and which makes slaves of you. Thus, you will not be able to be rescued from the oppression of this world and the torments of the hereafter, or find eternal happiness until you return to the religion of Allah. Full story

China is taking no chances when it comes to dealing with radicals and terrorists. Islam is not the problem. It is the way idiots interpret the religion that is the problem.  One of the biggest promoters of terror is the house of Saud, who seek to promote their radical form of Wahabi Islam.  This is not real Islam but some concocted nonsense to spread terror and chaos in the world.  The best way to end Terrorism would be to take the house of Saud down.  

If the rest of the World took this approach then we would end radical Islam at its roots. Instead, you have nations like the US and Germany catering to these radicals. In Germany after over 1000 incidents of sexual assault were reported on New Years eve, the Police come out and tell German womanto behave better.  Is this insane or what? they should have caught all the guilty and given them 50 lashes and then thrown them out of the country.   China would never allow this to occur and it does not care what the rest of the world has to say. It seems that Europe and the U.S need to learn from China as this is the only way to deal with individuals that have low IQ’s and are hell bent on breaking the laws of countries that accept them.   

Radical Islam: The most dangerous Ideology

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I am fine with active suppression and oppression of anything Islamic. Islam belongs to the Middle East, not Asia, not Europe.

Islam belongs nowhere. It is an evil shit eating and shit spreading cult that needs to be stomped out with no discretion. Anyone who defends this evil cult is suspect of supporting oppression of human rights and freedoms.

William Underwood

Japan has similar policies. They don’t suffer terrorism because they see islam as a violent, political ideology posing as religion. Imagine that. The Asian countries are smarter than the west.