America ranks at bottom of happiest countries in the world

America ranks at bottom of happiest countries in the world

Once upon a time, the US ranked in the top five consistently, and then in dropped to number 10 and after that, the slide has been fast and furious.  In 2013, it ranked at 12 and in 2014 it dropped to 23, in 2015 it will probably shed even more weight. What is interesting is that there are rumblings that Saudi Arabia the land of the oppressed might make the top 10 list in 2016. If that comes to pass it will speak volumes about the rise and fall of the great American empire.

The United States saw a drop in its ranking, falling from the No. 12 spot in 2013 to the No. 23 spot in 2014. However, there was only a small absolute change in the country’s well-being score — it dropped from having 33 percent of its residents thriving in three or more aspects of well-being in 2013 to 30 percent in 2014. Full Story

Americans no longer happy plagued with worries about the economy

Our health care costs are out of this world and yet the service is well below many of the top industrialised nations.  It appears that the US is being beaten on many metrics, and thus one wonders what gives us the right to lay claim to being the World’s only superpower. If this claim is based on guns, then we pass the means test, but in all other aspects, we fail miserably.   This super power status is bought with money we don’t have and spend on crap we don’t need.   All this money could have been devoted to upgrading our infrastructure and making America great again. Instead, it has been devoted to mindless wars that we have no chance in hell of winning and in the meantime, it has destroyed the middle class, which is the bedrock of the American dream.  The American dream is sadly over; all we are left now with is the American nightmare.

Once the strings to the purse are closed the military complex will collapse as was the case with the Soviet Union.  Thus, while the press screams that the Russia is in the Doghouse, the reality is that America is already in the Doghouse; the problem is that most are too blind to see it yet.

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