AI wars: The battle for Supremacy

AI wars: The battle for Supremacy

ChatGpt vs the Rest: Navigating the AI Wars

April 20, 2023

Amidst the AI wars, some argue CHATGPT lacks strength or intelligence for certain tasks. However, this bot could replace 90% of vociferous critics, as the top 10-20% workforce becomes infinitely more efficient with AI assistance. The noise surrounding this AI wars debate is rooted in fear of the inevitable technological advancements already transforming the workforce.

The Impact of AI on the Workforce and the Rise of ChatGpt

The mediocre worker has the opportunity to rise above their current status and become a top performer by learning how to harness the power of AI in these AI wars. Unfortunately, many will choose to complain rather than rise to the challenge. At the same time, top workers may be blindsided by their own complacency. Even the most experienced tech workers may be expendable after decades of service. The harsh reality is that many top tech workers, even after dedicating decades to their company, are now realizing that they have been reduced to nothing more than mere decorations on the office wall.

Preparing for Massive Change in the Tech Industry and Beyond

Enormous change is on the horizon in the AI wars, and it’s coming sooner than most envision. COVID-19 has already caused a seismic shift in the world, and the next wave of AI-driven change will send individuals spinning in all directions. The average worker has little time to waste – now is the time to wake up and embrace the coming transformation.

The tech industry, amidst the AI wars, is making the most significant cuts as top workers cost the most. Still, once recession-proof, the medical and drug sectors are now open for a complete takedown. Doctors, nurses, chemists, and surgeons will be at the receiving end of the scalpel. Hospitals that can’t adapt will die, and small medical centres offering better services at lower costs will flourish. Lawyers and accountants should also watch out as AI models are set to replace them, making tax strategies and structures, once available only to the super-rich, accessible to the layman. These changes are massive, and in less than 60 months, today may be seen as the good old days.

Market Perspectives and the Race for AI Dominance

Returning to Chatgpt amidst the AI wars, it remains to be seen whether this will be the best version or if Google or another company will emerge as the leader. Google’s initial attempt was a complete disaster. Their red code declaration indicates that complacency caused them to lose their lead in the AI wars. From a market perspective, Google has lost the initiative.

The first company to market a product is much harder to displace due to psychological imprinting. Therefore, despite Microsoft’s many launch screw-ups, they will have to royally mess up to lose their lead in the AI wars. Additionally, many people despise Google for their ruthless focus on profits, having transitioned from innovators to profit-driven entities. We are not saying MSFT are decent chaps, far from that, but for now, G looks like the real bad boy, and in the end, it boils down to perceptions. Additionally, OpenAI poached some of the top minds that helped create BARD and LAMDA.

Surviving the AI Wars: Making Yourself Indispensable

For the unprepared in the AI wars, chaos lies ahead as they scramble to adapt after the fact instead of responding proactively to the full disruptive power of AI. A massive number of individuals are already being laid off, as we predicted during the great resignation phase. These individuals are now going through the great regret phase, with the willingness to work for food phase coming.


The AI Wars are rapidly changing the world, and ChatGpt is at the forefront of the revolution. While some criticize its limitations, ChatGpt has the potential to replace many workers and revolutionize industries. The rise of AI is transforming the workforce, and those who learn how to use it efficiently will become invaluable. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of change, and the tech industry, in particular, is undergoing massive cuts.

However, other sectors, such as medicine and law, are also experiencing significant changes as AI models become more widespread. ChatGpt’s emergence in the AI wars has ignited a race for dominance among tech companies, but the first company to market has a significant advantage. Surviving the AI wars requires individuals to proactively learn how to harness AI’s power and make themselves indispensable in the process.


The article discusses the impact of AI on the workforce and ChatGpt’s role in the AI Wars. It highlights the potential of AI to replace workers and revolutionize industries, leading to significant cuts in certain sectors such as tech, medicine, and law.

The article emphasizes the importance of learning how to use AI efficiently and making oneself indispensable to survive the AI Wars. Additionally, it discusses the market perspectives and the race for AI dominance among tech companies. The first company to market has a significant advantage due to psychological imprinting. Finally, the article warns that the AI Wars are coming sooner than most envision, and individuals must prepare for the massive changes ahead.

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