Cannabis Dealer Busted With $24 million cash stuffed in buckets

Cannabis Dealer
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Cannabis Dealer Busted With Huge Hoard of Cash

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” The one year chart illustrates that all is well on the surface and that the process of flooding the markets with hot money, in general, is working rather well.  The index could drop all the way down to 7200, and the short-term outlook would remain bullish.  We are fully aware that this economic recovery is illusory, but complaining and whining about this does not provide one with any extra insights into the markets.

We need to focus on what is really going on and how the masses interpret that data.  The truth is irrelevant if only you are aware of it; if the masses think otherwise, what appears as the truth to you could, in fact, be viewed as a lie by the crowd.  The truth can set you free, but in most cases, it can be detrimental to your health and wealth; at least as far as the markets are concerned.  ”  BBC Global 30 Index Signals Dow Industrial Index will trend higher


Cannabis Dealer: Major Bust in Miami

Miami-Dade police detectives raiding the home of a suspected marijuana trafficker unearthed an estimated $24 million in cash — mostly in bundles of $100 bills in heat-sealed bags stuffed in 24 orange 5-gallon Home Depot-brand buckets.

The staggering amount of cash, found inside an upscale Miami Lakes gated neighbourhood, is believed to be the largest single cash seizure in Miami-Dade police history.

Exhausted investigators late Wednesday were still counting the cash, most of which was found inside a secret compartment only accessible through the attic of the posh house. The hidden room was guarded by a hallway statuette of St. Lazarus, a Catholic saint popular in Cuba and with followers of the Santería religion.

Arrested was Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez, 44, who owns and operates the Blossom Experience, a North Miami-Dade store that sells lights, fans and other equipment for indoor gardening. Police believe that the business, while legitimate, caters to Miami’s robust but illegal marijuana grow-house industry.

To leave jail, a judge ordered that Hernandez-Gonzalez post a $4 million bond — clean money, not drug money, and not in buckets.


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