The psychology of a terrorist: How ISIS wins hearts and mind

The psychology of a terrorist: How ISIS wins hearts and mind 

In order for ISIS on any other terrorist organization to gain traction it has to have an enemy to point a finger at. This enemy is America and rightly so, because we have caused endless amounts of misery in the world. We have started wars we should not have in the name of peace and in the process ended up killing more people than the locals would have had they been left to their own means.

Secondly we have removed democratically elected leaders and the basis for this action has been our need to promote our form of democracy. How can we even call us ourselves democratic when we do not allow the people of their own country to choose their own leader? Instead we force some blood thirsty bandit on them, as this the case in Ukraine right now. Poroshenko and Yates are raping the people of Ukraine; they both were not elected in a democratic process and got into power via a coup that was directly supported and promoted by the U.S. This is strictly forbidden in Ukraine’s constitution which means that both Poroshenko and Yates are nothing but puppets; we have done this on numerous occasions and tried to so in Syria but failed because of Russian intervention.

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Lastly, terrorists groups such as ISIS need funding and conveniently the U.S via its proxies such as Saudi Arabia and Israel provides the necessary weapons and funding for. So how can you fight something you created? You cannot because the real Goal is to pretend that you are fighting the enemy while you are supporting it; this is done all for profits. You make more money when you sell guns and bullets to both sides; the U.S is controlled by the corporate world. Government officials are just puppets on a string doing what they are commanded to do.

So in the end while the article below examines the psychology of a terrorist, they should start off by examining the biggest terrorist in the world and that is the U.S government.   Some experts demonstrated back in the 80’s that ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service


Illustration: Diana Quach/Vocativ In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris that killed at least 129 people, it’s hard to image what sort of person perpetrates these horrific crimes. What sort of warped psychology drives suspected terrorists to brag about their exploits; what kind of mindset encourages the murder of innocent people? There are two…

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