If you are looking for an edge when it comes to playing the markets and investing, then  our free newsletter is the solution for you.  The market is nothing but a bazaar of emotions, cesspool might be a better word.  In order to understand what drives the markets, one needs to understand the concept of mass psychology.  The masses are the ones that drive the market up or down. When a market soars to new heights or crashes, these actions are based on the reaction of the crowed. 

To become a better investor it is essential to incorporate mass psychology into your investment strategy, but even those who claim to be experts, know almost nothing about crowd psychology as it relates to investing. They are busy selling books that talk about things such as “kumbaya my love” and how to find your inner self. How can you find your inner self if you know nothing about your outer self?  The best way to understand your outer self is to study the masses. 

Mass psychology is key to becoming a better investor

Be fearful when the masses are happy and happy when they are not. This is the basic tenet of mass psychology as it applies to investing in the markets

 Instead of trying to predict the market, the emphasis should be on studying the herd. It is the change in the herd mentality that dictates what the market does. The reason most individuals/experts fail is  because they do things backward, they try to treat the market as a separate entity and try to find out what it is doing and then determine what the crowd will do. When in fact, what they should be doing is looking at the crowd and then using the information to determine how the market will react. It is the crowd that drives the market.

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