Erdogan Creating Chaos in Turkey

 Tyrant Erdogan Creating Chaos in Turkey

Erdogan Creating Chaos in Turkey

If one looks at the situation in  Turkey today, one cannot but feel that it has descended into the bowels of Hell regarding Freedom of anything.  If you speak against Erdogan, be it a child, animal or adult, you may be arrested and sent to Jail. If you are lucky, you might get off with a slight shakedown. Either way you are left with an unpleasant taste in your mouth and the awareness that for now, it’s better to be anonymous when it comes to attacking this dictator.

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The outside world has noticed the change of events, and the once-booming Tourism industry is in serious trouble. The fact that Currency has taken a massive beating adds fire to the situation.  This decline in the currency is equivalent to taking a considerable pay cut. It has affected the purchasing power of every citizen in Turkey, particularly the poor,  and the middle Class.

Any shred of freedom was knocked out when he took control of one of a newspaper that was not aligned with his distorted views. The newspaper in question was Zaman and many of its former employees.

His irrational behaviour of dressing his guards with ancient Ottoman uniforms reflects someone who is about to go insane. He ha also built a massive palace at a cost more than $600 million, while the country’s economy struggles. One wonders how much more the army and the people will take before they decide they have had enough of this madman.

He has even threatened to dissolve the constitutional court in an effort to show that he is capable of anything and that no one can stop him. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and that is why this guy has to be stopped now, before he decides that he is a demigod.

Corruption seems to be the middle name of his administration and his family. His son Bilal barely escaped using a forged Saudi Diplomatic passport as the Italian police were preparing to come after him for being involved in a money laundering scam.

Erdogan went out of his way to destroy the military by jailing hundreds of the top generals and commanders to ensure that seasoned veterans who could potentially challenge him were removed from power.  However, by playing games with the PKK, he first tried to form a truce with them and then decided to attack them, killing women and children in the process.  This is making the military realize, even in its depreciated capacity, that something has to be done to contain this madman.  If the military went down this path, they would have the crowd’s sympathy, which is key when it comes to military coups.  That is what helped the military overthrow Morsi in Egypt.  It is also highly unlikely that European or US leaders would strongly oppose the new leaders as they are all sick of him and would welcome a regime change.

As the US is now funding the Kurds, it puts them increasingly at odds with Erdogan and increases the probability of a massive civil war

Game Plan 

A civil war could spiral out of control and end with a coup, and the military could easily claim it stepped in to bring law and order. Erdogan and Saudi Arabia have fuelled a new arms race and in an arms race, weapons dealers are the ones that always win as they can sell to both parties.  Look at some of the top companies out there and use strong pullbacks to open new positions.  You could take a  closer look at RTN, OA, etc

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