The Trend Blazer Service


The Trend Blazer Service

Trend Blazer

As stated in the April 18th Market update, this service carries a much higher risk and one should understand this before signing up. There are two portfolios in this service, the trend blazer portfolio will contain options with 9 months or more of time premium. The Hellfire portfolio will focus on options with less time premium usually in the 3–6-month ranges. Only traders that are willing to take on significantly higher levels of risk should consider taking part in the plays issued under this portfolio (Hellfire).

In the main portfolio, we will also sell put options if the pattern the stock is displaying is compelling and if the premium offered is high enough. From time to time or when the opportunity presents itself, we will also be issuing credit spread plays.  We will not deal with debit spreads as our goal is to get paid as opposed to paying the broker when we issue a spread play. So for example, if we are looking to purchase calls in a given stock, if we utilise credit spreads our goal would be to get paid for opening a call position.

We are offering an industry first; if the service is not profitable with 9-12 months; the exact time frame is yet to be determined, but it will not be less than 9 or more than 12 months. We will work free of charge for at least 10 months if not longer. However, this guaranty will only apply to the Trend Blazer portfolio (the main portfolio) as the Hellfire portfolio is a bonus portfolio that carries much higher levels of risk but with the potential for explosive gains.

This service will have various components; Selling Put Options that offer high premiums where the risk to reward is in the favour of the investor. Credit spreads; the strategy we will utilise here is to walk away with a net credit when we purchase call options (sort of like getting paid to purchase call options).  Two option portfolios: one will deal with options with time premiums of nine or more months and the second one will contain plays with time premiums of 3 to 6 months and sometimes under three months.

This service is not for the faint of heart or for those that still don’t understand that Panic and fear are the codewords for pending opportunities. Additionally, don’t just get into this service because the name sounds cool or you feel brave and are ready to tackle the markets head-on. We are not gung-ho traders; discipline and patience are the main driving force behind anything we offer. Hence make sure you are ready to embrace these two crucial traits.

Lastly, this service is only available to Market Update and ETF Trend Trader Subscribers. Please do not subscribe if you are not a subscriber as we will verify every subscription.

The service is only being offered at a monthly rate at a cost of  $49.98