Creative Ways To Use Tactical Investor Services

Creative Ways To Use Tactical Investor Services


Creative ways to use the Market Update

Before you start putting any of the ideas suggested on this page into practice, make sure you have watched all the suggested videos on understanding the Mass Mindset. This information is posted on the Passcoded section of our website.  Secondly, you have to be in a position where you view the stock market as one large video game.  You can’t put these techniques to use if you are not a relaxed player.

 The Simplest Strategy

While this strategy is simple, it is the most difficult to implement has humans are hardwired to panic when the outlook changes suddenly.  The technique here is simple, compose a list of stocks you always want to own. If you want to find a current list of the strongest stocks you can visit this location. However, ideally, you should take a basket of stocks from that list and monitor them instead of looking at that list on a constant basis, as the plays on that list update frequently.  You can also create a list of stocks by doing your own research. The idea is to come up with a list of desirable companies.  If time permits we will create a list of stocks that subscribers could use as a starting point.

After you create the list, keep it somewhere safe and wait for the markets to let out a strong dose of steam. If the trend is up, then you use the pullback to add to or open up new positions.  As always, deploy your funds in three lots; this strategy allows one to get into a given stock at the best possible price.  Also, deploy one lot at a time and never deploy all three lots in one shot.

A good setup is when the market  pulls back in the 5-10% ranges

A great set up is when the markets drop in the 11% to 15% ranges

A very good setup is when the market sheds more than 20%

A fantastic setup is when the markets shed 30% (such events are rare)

In all the above cases pay attention to sentiment and anxiety readings. Bullish sentiment should be low and bearish sentiment should be trading north of 50.

Strategy 2

In this strategy, you look for leveraged ETF’s 2X or 3X and you use strong pullbacks to open new positions in these ETF’s. The higher the leverage the larger the risk and vice versa.


We will keep updating this page and provide examples whenever possible. At this point, this is a simple introduction on how to use this service creatively.