Amazon’s Alexa better than rivals

Amazon's Virtual Aide Alexa better than rivals

Editor: Vlad Rothstein | Tactical Investor

Amazon’s Virtual Aide Alexa better than rivals

While it’s true that both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have evolved into impressive voice assistants, there are some clear distinctions between the two. Alexa may support multiple wake words, but it requires specific syntax and may be frustrating to use at times. On the other hand, Google Assistant is more intuitive and easier to use, with a more fluid response system.

It’s worth noting that Alexa does have some advantages, such as the ability to access more obscure information sources and skills with third-party brands like Lyft, if you take the time to memorize its phrases. Additionally, the 3.5mm output jack on Amazon’s models and the Echo Input add-on allows for a wider range of third-party speakers to be Alexa-enabled with little effort.

While Google speakers may sound better overall, it’s important to consider the range of third-party speakers available for Alexa. Both assistants are also now accessible on various third-party speakers, including high-end products from Bose and Sonos. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference and the specific features that each user prioritizes in a voice assistant.  Full Story


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