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AI Trend Trader Service

The AI Trend Trader service focuses on the super trend.  The AI sector is in a nifty trend right now. In simple terms, this sector should continue trending upward for the next 6 to 10 years. However, in between, this sector will experience corrections ranging from mild to wild, but most will mistake these corrections for crashes and bail out early.

Our strategy at the Tactical Investor is to open positions in Key plays that we plan on holding until the trend ends. We will close half the position when a given stock trades into the extremely overbought ranges. But we will continue holding the other half and use pullbacks to re-establish the original position. The only time we close out a full position is if the company’s outlook has changed or we have found a better replacement.  This service is only available to market update subscribers.  To subscribe to this service, one must have an active market update subscription.

As of Feb  2023  

Since this service began in late 2020, we have closed 28 positions. Out of those, 24 resulted in gains, while four resulted in losses, most of which were in the high-risk category. Our win ratio for closed positions is nearly 86%.

Currently, only one of our open positions, DOCU, incurs losses of over 30%.

We also have a few positions with moderate losses that could turn around soon, such as KYCFF, CRM, Google, and AMD. While Google and KYCFF are currently incurring temporary losses, it’s worth noting that we have previously earned substantial gains with both positions, more than making up for the current losses.

Meanwhile, QCOM and WOLF are profitable, and SPLK is roughly at a breakeven point. Despite being one of the worst markets in decades, our overall performance has put us well ahead of the market.


Yearly Subscription $165

Works to out $13.75  a month but will be billed at $165 a year


Bi-Annual rate  $90

works out to $15 month


Monthly Rate  $20

Important Info

We will apply the same rules that are used to the Market Update service in terms of how we divide the investment funds and in what lots they are deployed.  Hence make sure you understand those rules.  The links below explore those concepts in detail.

Welcome To the Tactical Investor     

Tactical Investor Investment Rules

Portfolio management process; Ideas On Becoming A Better Trader

Understand the following:

* Please make sure that you are an active Market update subscriber; as for now, this service is only available to market update subscribers. We will verify every signup, and if the subscription is inactive or expired, we will cancel it. If your subscription expires in two months and you don’t plan on renewing, then opt for the monthly subscription.

The AI service will only be available to Market Update subscribers. If it is ever opened up to the Public, it will be at a much higher rate.  Please note that PayPal has stopped refunding the fee it charges for processing a subscription, so if your subscription is cancelled, we won’t be able to repay the fee that PP charges.    The best option is the yearly subscription rate.


AI trends

The future of AI is an exciting and rapidly evolving field that promises to transform nearly every aspect of our lives. From healthcare and education to finance and transportation, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we work, play, and interact with one another. As machine learning algorithms become more sophisticated, AI systems are increasingly adept at analyzing vast amounts of data and identifying patterns and insights previously beyond our reach.

One of the most significant trends in AI is the increasing dominance of AI-powered technologies across all industries. As organizations across the globe recognize the potential of AI to enhance productivity, efficiency, and customer experiences, we can expect to see even more significant investments in AI in the coming years. This will lead to the widespread adoption of AI technologies across industries, including healthcare, finance, and transportation.