Walk away started because Of The Intolerant Left Movement

The Intolerant Left

The Intolerant Left are superficial on their best day

The left’s intolerance knows no limits; powered by stupidity and driven by blind rage. Straka was once a liberal but their terrible ways led to a change of heart and spawned the walkaway campaign

“I don’t think that being hostile towards heterosexual people helps gay people,” he says. “I don’t think that being hostile towards men empowers women. I don’t think that being hostile towards white people empowers black people.”

“I was really on a quest to try and understand why did they vote for this man who was a racist, who was a bigot.”

“I almost still sort of had that liberal rage inside of me, that sort of thought, ‘I can’t wait to watch this and then tell her how stupid she is for being brainwashed by this idiocy.’”

“It became clear to me that he didn’t mock that man’s disability whatsoever. Yes, the man was disabled, but what he was really doing was making fun of the fact that this person who happened to be disabled was caught in a lie. You know, it blew my mind.”

For telling the truth Straka has been accused of being a salesman for the Alt-right

“I was taken aback,” he recounts, “and I started laughing and I said, ‘Alt-right?’ And he said, ‘Well, aren’t you with the #WalkAway campaign?’ I said, ‘Yeah,’ and he said, ‘Well, I’m sorry, I can’t sell to you.’”  “I realized that there are a lot of people in my community who are going to be afraid of me, and are going to be afraid of what their perception is of what I’m doing and what the #WalkAway campaign is about.”

The Intolerant Left is pushing aggressiveness on Campuses

“Today’s students don’t arrive on campus as fire-breathing radicals. That’s just how they graduate, after a relentless program of indoctrination from tenured social justice warriors on faculty and in college diversity programs. Full Story

“Generation Snowflake: How We Train Our Kids To Be Censorious Cry-Babies” Full Story

The Intolerant Left knows no limits

The writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has firsthand experience with the swift and intense outrage that can flow toward an individual in the age of democratized publishing.

“I think people are frightened of saying what they think, and I think that’s a bad thing for society,” she told The Atlantic’s national correspondent Ta-Nehisi Coates and editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg in Paris recently. “The problems in the left interest me more because I just think that there’s an increase in—‘intolerance’ is maybe putting it simply—but there’s a feeling that you’re supposed to conform.”

The left, Adichie says, is no longer actually liberal. “There’s language you’re supposed to use,” she said. “There’s an orthodoxy you’re supposed to conform to, and if you don’t, you become a bad, evil person, and it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past or what you stand for.” Full Story

How The Intolerant LeftBecame So Intolerant

Sadly, the kind of liberalism we used to know is fast disappearing from America. While the intolerance of the far right is well known, its manifestations on the far left are less known and often not fully acknowledged.

They establish “zero tolerance” regimes in schools where young boys are suspended for nibbling breakfast pastries into the shape of a gun. They are supposedly great haters of bigotry but sometimes speak of Christians in the most bigoted manner imaginable, as if Christians were no better than fascists.

American liberals are, in short, becoming increasingly illiberal.

They are surrendering to the temptations of the closed mind. The hard forms are totalitarian or authoritarian. They rely on the threat of force in some measure to maintain power, and they are invariably anti-democratic and anti-liberal. Think of communism, fascism, and all the various hybrids of authoritarian regimes, from Putin’s Russia to Islamist states that support terrorism.

Soft forms of illiberalism, on the other hand, are not totalitarian or violent. Outwardly they may observe the limits constitutional democracies place on the arbitrary use of power, but there is a suspicion that liberal democracies are not fully legitimate.

Thus, what we call a “liberal” today is not historically a liberal at all but a progressive social democrat, someone who clings to the old liberal notion of individual liberty when it is convenient (as in supporting abortion or decrying the “national security” state), but who more often finds individual liberties and freedom of conscience to be barriers to building the progressive welfare state.

To untangle this confusing web of intellectual history, we need a more accurate historical rendering of what “progressive liberals” actually are. If they are not really liberals, then what are they?

As this volume will explore in more depth, they are postmodern leftists. A postmodernist is someone who believes that ethics are completely and utterly relative and that human knowledge is, quite simply, whatever the individual, society, or political powers say it is. The daily signal

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