The USDA has failed conservatives

The USDA has failed conservatives

The USDA has failed conservatives: So what else is new

After decades of transparency, why did the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) suddenly delete its database of animal welfare violations? This raises red flags for liberals, but it is a nonpartisan issue and should be particularly concerned for conservatives for various reasons.

For those who understand the new administration to be committed to transparency, draining the swamp and ending lobbyist control of policy, the USDA action is more than odd — it’s disturbing. It represents the antithesis of what the current political reformation means.

In their coverage of the USDA action, National Geographic reported, “Two weeks into the Trump administration, thousands of documents detailing animal welfare violations nationwide have been removed from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) website, which has been posting them publicly for decades. These are the inspection records and annual reports for every commercial animal facility in the U.S. — including zoos, breeders, factory farms, and laboratories.” Washington times

Conservatives Criticize Trudeau’s Approach and Pledge Action

Ottawa, ON – Luc Berthold, the Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-food, Erin O’Toole, the Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Dean Allison, the Shadow Minister for International Trade Diversification, have issued the following statement concerning the near-cancellation of the soybean trade between Canada and China:

“Recent reports indicate that the Canada-China soybean trade has experienced a drastic decline of approximately 95% since December. Furthermore, there has been an increase in inspections by Chinese authorities on Canadian soy.

“It is evident that soybeans have become the latest casualty of Trudeau’s misguided approach towards China. Under Justin Trudeau’s ineffective leadership, Canada’s international standing has suffered, and our agricultural sector is paying the price.

“Conservatives are fully aware that Canadian farmers produce some of the highest-quality soybeans globally. Any claim made by the Chinese government suggesting otherwise is completely false and unfounded.

“Justin Trudeau has failed to take appropriate measures against the unjustified trade actions imposed by the Chinese government on Canadian farmers. Suppose Trudeau remains inactive in the face of the arrest and detention of two Canadians, as well as the continuous attacks on our agriculture sector. In that case, it is unlikely he will ever take action.

“Conservatives have consistently demonstrated their commitment to standing up against the Chinese government and supporting Canada’s agriculture sector. This is why an Andrew Scheer-led government will initiate a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) against China, appoint a Canadian ambassador to China, and withdraw funding from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.”Conservative

 Failure of Farm Bill in House Highlights GOP’s Immigration Battle

A comprehensive farm bill faced a significant setback in the House on Friday, delivering a blow to GOP leaders who struggled to appease conservative lawmakers’ demands for commitments on immigration.

Despite facing unanimous opposition from Democrats, the House leadership took a gamble by putting the bill on the floor, hoping it would pass. They negotiated with members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus until the final moments.

However, their gamble proved unsuccessful. The final vote resulted in a defeat for the bill, with a tally of 213 to 198, as 30 Republicans joined 183 Democrats in opposing it.

This outcome revealed an intensifying conflict within the House GOP concerning immigration, a divisive issue that Republicans were reluctant to confront just months before the midterm elections in November, which will determine control of Congress.

The collapse of the bill also highlighted the divisions within the GOP conference that have plagued House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), and these divisions are expected to continue challenging the top contenders to succeed him, including Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.).  Washingtonpost

 The Rise of a New Breed: Black Conservatives Shaping America’s Political Landscape

As we enter a new year and a new decade, significant changes are unfolding in American politics. The Democratic Party is embroiled in a fierce internal conflict between the establishment and far-left progressive factions. Similarly, the Republican Party is grappling with a battle between its own establishment and those advocating for change.

Yet amidst these well-known political transformations, a quieter evolution is taking place, particularly within the black conservative movement. Many right-leaning black Americans are pushing for a transformative shift within the GOP and the broader conservative movement. They represent a new generation of black conservatives, and their efforts can potentially leave an indelible mark on the nation’s political landscape.

If you have followed my writings on the conservative movement’s relationship, or lack thereof, with the black community, you may have encountered some of the ideas we espouse. Our message diverges from the traditional black conservative establishment as we emphasise a different perspective and approach to engaging with the black community. We acknowledge that the messaging strategies employed by the established black conservative factions, though well-intentioned, have been largely ineffective in connecting with black American voters. It is high time for a fresh approach.  Redstate

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