Starving Greek students trade sex for food


Starving Greek students  trade sex for food

 Cost of  Hunger: Financial Crisis Forces Greek Students to Sell Themselves

The Greek financial crisis has sent thousands of teenage girls to the streets, not to protest, but to earn a living; however, their hourly earnings are barely enough to buy them a cheese sandwich, according to one researcher.

Eastern Europe, a former leader in terms of its number of prostitutes, can no longer boast that it has the cheapest rates for sex. Greece’s deep economic and financial problems have shifted the priorities of its students, who face the highest unemployment rate in Europe, according to the EU’s statistics agency Eurostat. The national unemployment rate was 25% as of September and the youth unemployment rate in 2014 was 52.4%; both these figures are the worst in the EU.

“Some women just do it for a cheese pie or a sandwich they need to eat because they are hungry,” Gregory Lazos, a professor of sociology at the Athens-based Panteion University told The Times while commenting on the results of his research. They “sell it very cheap,” he said, “offering the lowest prices of the industry across the continent.”

The study lasted for three years and was conducted among 400 young women, mostly students, who have abandon their hopes that the Greek government, which has constantly been on the verge of  bankruptcy, can offer them an alternative. Prostitution is legal in Greece and both brothels and prostitutes must register with the government. However, brothels often operate without any license and have seen a huge influx of female students aged 17-20 who now account for 80% of the country’s prostitutes; they often earn just 2 euros per half hour.

Greek female students become prostitutes “in order to eat or cover basic needs and extra expenses as they have no money,” The Times quoted Lazos as saying. According to Greece’s National Centre for Social Research (EKKE), the rate of prostitution has soared by 150 percent during the economic crisis. The organization estimates that there are currently 20,000 prostitutes in Greece, of whom fewer than 1,000 are legally registered.

“From the 18,500 prostitutes who work mainly in the streets throughout the country, since most brothels operated without a license, the majority now are desperate Greeks,” the study said. Full story

If true, it shows you bad the situation in Greece is and sadly it also illustrates how accurate the Poverty index has been over the years. As this index is showing no signs of letting up, we expect the outlook to worsen both in Europe and America.  This is what joining the EU did for Greece and the same applies to weaker nations such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, etc.  These countries should have never joined as joining provided them with the option to borrow money they could never hope to pay back. 

Now that the US has embraced the Devalue or Die era and forced central bankers worldwide to adopt the same stance, we can expect situations like this all over the world.  The tragedy in this is that the innocent always pay the price and the price is very severe usually. Imagine how terrible your position has to be for you to have to sell your body for food.  This trauma will haunt these young Girls for the rest of their lives. 

Sadly our adult and poverty index predicted this situation years in advance of the current development. Take a look at the chart below, higher numbers are associated with a rise in immoral behaviour.  The index is trading at multi-year highs.

Adult index predicts rise in immoral behavior, from sexual to criminal

The average Greek wage has fallen to just €600 (£450) a month and half of all young people are unemployed. So it’s not surprising that the people of Greece are voting for a party which seems to represent progress.

But there’s another side to Greece’s mass unemployment; one which has been little reported on.

According to the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE), the rate of prostitution in the country has soared by 150 per cent during the economic crisis, meaning that women who would otherwise have sought other types of employment, are turning to sex work in order support themselves and their families.

There are currently an estimated 20,000 prostitutes in Greece (according to EKKE) of which fewer than 1,000 are legally registered.  Full Story

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  • Roy

    Heading to Greece now with a boatload of sandwiches and pies.

  • Ford4ever

    The irony could not be more striking. “Brothels and prostitutes must register with the government”. It still has not occurred to these morons that the overly regulated private sector which successive socialist governments created is what greatly contributes to the high unemployment rates which result in these women turning to prostitution. Until they are literally reduced to scores of people begging they seem incapable of grasping where they have gone wrong. Kill entrepreneurship and individual initiative and you will kill your society.

    • Tactical Investor

      Could not agree more with you. However, Greece should have never joined the EU as they only reason they joined was the easy access to the credit markets membership provided. We all know the party has to end one day especially if you are not the US, which has the ability to create as much money as it wants out of thin air.

      Over regulation though is definitely a major issue was well. However, those in charge don’t seem to care how many people they lay to waste as long as their bellies and pockets are full