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 The majority of the following sayings are original. Some original sayings were modified or added to and hence the result is a new expression. 

We donít try to do the right thing we just do things the right way.  Hence this brings about a new Tactical Investor  saying donít try to do the right thing just do things the   right way.

Repetition is the father of all sins, stupidity is the mother and not knowing when to keep ones mouth shut is the grandfather of them all.

 Life is a journey that has various stops, misery, pain, happiness, joy and love; itís up to us to decide how long we vacation at each stop.

One men's madness is another's sanity. The difficult part is to figure out who is mad and whose is sane.

The thought behind every action is what counts the most, even though the action on its own  may amounts to nothing.

A loss can be viewed as a liability or as an inspiration to recover and gain twice as much.  

 God helps only those that help themselves and the devil helps all those that fall in between

Deal with reality if not reality has a cruel and effective way of dealing with you.

Remember only fools claim to be God's and only God's make fools.

Think not, want not, and relax a lot.

The leaders represent less than 2% of the population yet take in more than 90% of the profits. Getting to this stage is not easy as it involves changing ones ingrained modes of behavior.

Progress and success is not only measured in terms of ones wealth but in ones ability to see the world every day with different set of eyes.

An Intelligent man knows when to keep his  mouth shut; a stupid one does not know when.

Help yourself progress because there are thousands out there, ready and willing to help you regress

The difference between a successful individual and a failure is discipline and patience

Leave your mark on this world if not it will only be glad to leave its mark on you.

The most expensive liability in the world is an ignorant mind  

Live for knowledge and you empower both the body and the mind

Failure is a stepping-stone to success or a bottomless pit to hell.

Promises are made to be broken and lies are meant to be kept  

A dollar spent foolishly is a million lost in the future

Aim high for anyone can aim low  

Love thyself for no else will

 Itís said that actions speak louder than words then why have all the wars in the world achieved nothing yet a well worded letter can bring a man to his knees or make his blood boil.

The smart find a way to do anything they want; the ignorant can do the same thing but they usually end up in Jail.  

Money is a tool to buy yourself the luxuries in life that you have fooled yourself into believing that you need.

You can never control the markets; you can only learn from them and endeavour to anticipate their next move.

Unfortunately for the wise and enlightened the rules are dictated by idiots and enforced by morons.

If we canít help one another see the light, then we deserve nothing but eternal darkness.

Loves makes the world go round thatís why we are going nowhere rather fast.

 Blood is thicker then water, but freedom is thicker than both

When you get rid of religious and cultural values you can finally see the world for what it is and not for what you want it to be.

If you have a 1000 idiots in a room and one of them is the most knowledgeable of the lot; do you have a genius on your hands or an idiot who thinks he is a genius.

 True love no longer exists; true love equates to unconditional love. Today's love is based on conditions hence its more of a business arrangement then love.

True democracy is nothing but a fallacy whereby idiots are elected into power and these idiots then have cater to the morons that elected them in the first place. 

If you do not accept your weakness then you will never know what your strengths are because you will be spending too much time trying to hide that which is not necessary to hide and too little time on what you should build up on.

Leave your mark on the world if not the world will gladly leave its marks on you.

 The world can be your oyster or you can be an oyster in the world.

A closed fist opens no doors but an open palm opens all. 

Take time to enjoy the Good things in life, for money cannot buy happiness it can only help you find new ways to extend your happiness.  






If we all knew everything then life would indeed be meaningless for it is the mistakes we make and the lessons we learn that give our life  meaning and value.

Repetition is the father of all sins, stupidity is the mother and not knowing when to keep ones mouth shut is the grandfather of them all.

To be wise is to be open; to be open is to be knowledgeable; to be knowledgeable is to understand that you really know nothing.  

If you are stupid enough to believe in anything then I will be smart enough to be sell you whatever it is you desire.

The truth may not set you free but it certainly wonít imprison you like stupidity.  

A paralysed body is painful situation; a paralysed mind is a monumental tragedy

Hope is someone who has a dream but no way of putting it together.

Walk in the path of the light or die in the tracks of darkness

We are what we eat thatís why most of us are so full of crap 

Routine day work is the modern day arsenic for the mind

Deaf years hear nothing and play their own music. 

Stupidity knows only the sound of its own voice.

See the world for what it is and not for what you want it to be.

 Stupidity is not inherited but learnt and in this society we seem to have no shortage of individuals willing to aid one in their quest for the complete closure of their mind.

Failure is one step closer to success provided you are willing to learn from it A wise man admits immediately that he knows nothing; a fool denies it to the end.  

An ignorant man hears his voice as a roar and those of others as a whisper

Opportunity knocks once only; stupidity is forever knocking.

Misery loves company but stupidity simply demands it.

Aim for the sky for anyone can aim for the ground

To the stupid come pain; to the wise glory.  

Enjoy this day for the sale ends tomorrow


Opportunity has a nasty habit of knocking on ones door out of the blue; most fail to react fast enough and usually end up waving good-bye instead of saying hello.

Chasing results in desperation, desperation equates to making mistakes, making mistakes usually results in loss 

If you want less stress in your life worry not what the world thinks of you but think the world of yourself.

We are not limited by what we know itís what we do not know that limits us.

Blood maybe thicker then water but money is more useful than both.

Deal with reality if not reality has cruel way of dealing with you.

 Ignorance is nothing but a form of stupidity in disguise.

Only fools claim to be Gods and only Gods make fools.

One manís normality is another manís stupidity

One manís madness is anotherís reality.

I am no one who knows something you are someone who knows nothing.  

Riches come to those who seek it and poverty to those who chase it.

Reach for the sky for itís easy to reach for the ground

In life it appears that very few are in the pick up and go mode; most appear to be in the slow and stuck mode.  Thus while always appearing to be in a hurry they are actually going no where in life.

There is a very thin line between opportunity and disaster; those that embrace it immediately latch onto it and those that embrace it late embrace its good friend disaster

Money is just a tool that enables you to obtain what you already know you want but not what you think you need in order to be happy, if you donít have proper goal then it will elude you forever. Only those with set goals have the mindset that is necessary to build the wealth they seek.

Ignorance is bliss and stupidity is a mind with two brains cells, each chasing the other at the speed of light therefore the possibility of forming a coherent thought is virtually zilch.

 In reality ones weakness are really ones strengths and ones strengths actually ends up being ones weakness. Therefore we have advocated many times in the past that the wise person should do the opposite and hide their strengths and talk about their weaknesses; this will stun most for they will be left with this thought if he talks about his weaknesses so openly his strength must be incredibly unbelievable.