Why is Hillary Avoiding the Press; Naughty Secrets?

Why is Hillary Avoiding the Press; Naughty Secrets?

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

Hillary’s Naughty Secrets

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The media is going to continue to weaponise the news. Be prepared for fantasy claims regarding Brexit, the trade war with China, and any other factor that can be spun.   Ridiculous claims that make no sense will be used to try to push the fear factor higher; once again the best solution is to just ignore what the media is pushing and focus on the trend.
The “silver lining” is that fear of the unknown increases the “uncertainty factor” and in doing so breathes even more life into this bull market.

Until the Masses embrace this bull, this mad bull is unlikely to die.  The logical path based on the news is to panic, the illogical path is to ignore. Logic works when it’s based on reality, but fear is not based on reality, it’s based on a perception of what “could” happen. If you start to fantasize over what could, would, and should happen, one cannot focus on the trend.  Ignore the noise and focus on the trend.  Trending Now News Equates To Garbage; It’s All Talk & No Action


Since stepping down as Secretary of State, fifteen months ago, Hillary Clinton has kept a calculated distance from the press and the public. She has been working on a memoir about her years at the State Department, “Hard Choices,” to be published in early June; making occasional speeches, often for a fee said to exceed two hundred thousand dollars; and talking with close advisers about a possible second Presidential run. Despite the absence of a story, the media can’t stop discussing her.

The mainstream press recycles talking points concerning her hypothetical campaign while casting about desperately for something new: Will Chelsea’s pregnancy and the prospect of becoming a grandmother mean that Clinton will be less likely to run? Would she support Marjorie Margolies, the Democrat vying to represent Pennsylvania’s Thirteenth Congressional District, who also happens to be Chelsea’s mother-in-law? (She did, but Margolies lost.) When the Washington Post asked eleven Democratic activists in Iowa which of four prominent Democrats they would invite to a dinner party, why did only one choose her?

Meanwhile, Clinton’s old nemesis the “vast right-wing conspiracy” has begun declaring her not only politically but also clinically moribund. “Whispers are persisting, whispers,” Rush Limbaugh said, in anything but a whisper, several months ago on his radio program. “There’s a whisper campaign, folks, that Mrs. Full Story

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