Western media: China Won’t be Asia’s Dominant power

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Why China won’t be Asia’s dominant power?

China may be Asia’s economic powerhouse but it won’t become the region’s dominant power, according to a new report.


“In examining the factors that go towards the development of Chinese national power-and its ability to use it to achieve national objectives-predictions about a Chinese superpower with the ability to dominate Asia would be premature, if not improbable,” said Paul Dibb and John Lee, authors of the report published by Australian think tank Kokoda Foundation.

Western media: China Won't be Asia's Dominant power

The argument that China is already Asia’s pre-eminent power based on its growing economic and military capacities is weak, the authors say. They expect the limitations of China’s economic might, a lack of close bilateral relationships and weak military capability to keep the country from becoming an advanced political-economy that wields influence in the region anytime soon

“Although China has developed potent military capabilities to make it hazardous for U.S. forces to operate in the approaches to China, the fact remains that Beijing could not enforce a full military blockade of Taiwan or attempt a full-scale amphibious invasion of that island,” they wrote.

As a result of territorial disputes with Japan and the majority of Southeast Asia, China has few friends in Asia. A report from the Pew Research Centre earlier this year showed respondents in five out of eight Asian countries had overwhelmingly unfavourable views of China.

This unpopularity undermines Beijing’s influence and capacity to wield power in the region, Dibb and Lee said.

Mizuho’s Varathan agreed. “China doesn’t have the charismatic soft power that Asia’s dominant power ought to have, it is still trying to gain friendships and investments in the region,” he said Full story

[color-box color=”green”]Utter rubbish is all we can say. When monkeys start to chatter one should throw bananas to silence them.   Why are all these stories appearing now, why not 10 years ago or even five years ago?   There is a simple formula to follow. If something is not true, no one talks about it, because it’s not worth talking about.  However, if they are chattering about it all the time, then it means they are worried. If they are worried, it means the opposite of what they claim is probably true.

It is now that the China is rising and challenging US hegemony that the Zionist/Neocon controlled media pumps out loads of incessant rubbish at a continuous rate. If the same standards were applied to the US, then we should be six feet under already, for we are bankrupt and we need to continuously borrow boat loads of money to maintain the illusion that all is well.   The saying that we buy things we do not need or cannot afford with money we do not have could never be truer than it is today. [/color-box]