Twitter Unveils Customer Support Features For Businesses

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Twitter Unveils Customer Support Features For Businesses

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

Twitter Unveils Customer Support Features For Businesses

The new features, announced Thursday, allow business accounts to indicate that they provide support. Twitter adds that information to suggestions when people search for a business, mention a business in a tweet or search for it in direct messages. Once this option is enabled through a new customer support settings page, the words “provide support” will become visible on the company’s profile.

Opting for this feature also activates the account’s ability to receive direct messages from anyone — even those who are not following it. Moreover, even the direct message button has been enlarged to make it more prominent.

“This release builds on previously released Direct Message links and Customer Feedback cards to help businesses provide better service on Twitter. Each has shown great success,” Twitter said in a blog post-Thursday. “Early use has also shown that customers who are sent a Direct Message link follow through to actually send a message roughly 30 per cent more often than those who are asked to send a message via text only.” Full Story

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