Trump is causing Total Meltdown of the System-they can’t control him

donald-trumpTrump is causing Total Meltdown of the System-they can’t control him


Never in the history of US politics has the establishment attacked an opponent as much as they have attacked.  The press is doing its best to create voter suppression by misquoting and twisting the facts to make it look like Trump has no chance, when in fact, he is burying Hillary into the dust. When you look at Trump’s rallies they are packed to the hilt; in almost every instance there is not one inch of space to spare. In contrast, Hillary’s rallies look like funeral gatherings; they have to resort to using camera tricks to make it appear that the place is packed. The video below clearly demonstrates the great lengths the media is going to try to con the masses that Hillary is loved when in fact she universally detested.

Trump has the Establishment quaking in its boots; he is not an insider, and this scares them

Take a look at the Trump’s supporters; if the sexual molestation stories are true, how come so many beautiful women support him as opposed to Hillary the hag. Most of Hilary’s female supporters are as bitter as Hillary and left-leaning liberalists who have no clue as to the definition of freedom

Trump’s women supporters lively, enthusiastic and smart; contrast this to what the media is saying

Trump’s rallies are packed; Hillary’s are empty but the media does not mention this

This video clearly illustrates the dirty tricks the cameraman use to convey the impression that Hillary’s rallies are packed. It seems that even when people do attend them, they are only going there because there is nothing better to do.  Contrast this with Trump rallies, which are packed and in most instances and everyone is exuberant.   This type of data manipulation is known as voter suppression; the press is trying to make it look like Trump has no chance to win so that the voters give up in advance. Sadly the number of individuals attending Trump’s rallies proves that the Trump train is gathering momentum and that the data being put out is totally flawed.

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