Tough guy actor Robert Davi States Globalists fear Trump threat

Globalists fear Trump threat

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Robert Davi: Globalists fear Trump threat

“When LBJ was running for Senate, he told his campaign manager to have the media, have the press, ask his opponent about his pedophilia. And the campaign manager said, ‘Mr. Johnson, that’s not true. I can’t do that.’ He goes, ‘I know it’s not true. I just want to see him deny it,’” Davi told WND at the recent 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference. “It’s blatant disrespect to our democracy.

The left-wing, is agitprop – it’s ‘Rules for Radicals,’” he said, citing the book by radical activist Saul Alinsky, about whom Hillary Clinton wrote a 92-page thesis as a senior at Wellesley College in 1969.

“It comes back from the socialist Marxist agenda. If you read David Horowitz’s book ‘The Art of Political War,’ it shows you exactly how that’s used, how agitprop is used. And that’s what is being done today to kind of erode the foundation of the Trump agenda, because it’s a threat to the globalist and the GOP elite and the progressive left movement,” Davi said.

He said of the people attending CPAC meetings, “So that’s why we are here, to protect that movement in America – that Donald Trump has set for America that we voted him in for.” Full Story

Robert Davi: Anti-Trump Actors Should Invite Illegal Immigrants to Oscars

“Just lighten up,” Davi, known for his roles in “License to Kill,” “Die Hard” and “The Goonies,” said on “Your World” today.

“Just lighten up,” Davi, known for his roles in “License to Kill,” “Die Hard” and “The Goonies,” said on “Your World” today.

“Have them invite all the immigrants, all the refugees … all the illegal criminals. Open up all the rules of the Academy,” he said.

“Open the gates in Bel Air and let the people camp out. Why have any boundaries at all.” Full Story

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