Bull and Bear Market History:The Irrelevance Of Trump Haters

bull and bear market history

Bull and Bear Market History Indicates Bears Lose

And the same principle can be applied to Trump haters.

It is actually quite likely that their uninformed and blind allegiance to Hillary Clinton hurt her electoral viability.  For a country concerned about the debasement of our culture, the rich but clueless “stars” who supported HRC – Jay-Z, Chance the Rapper, Pusha T, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Q-Tip, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, etc. – most likely drove millions of people to Trump.

Performers like Jennifer Holliday, Paul Anka, Garth Brooks, Kiss, and Andrea Bocelli should be kicking themselves with regret.  To perform at any one of the day’s events would have been the highlight of every one of their careers.  To be so afraid of one’s fans and fellow performers is a sad commentary on the false life of celebrities without core beliefs of their own.   Those who did perform, like Sam Moore of Sam & Dave, Lee Greenwood, Tony Orlando, Jackie Evancho, Toby Keith, the Silhouettes (amazing), The Rockettes, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and the Talladega College Marching Band are heroes all; they braved the Twitter storms, death threats, and fear of career stultification.  They realized that to celebrate freedom from an increasingly dictatorial government was more important than angering some ignorant fans.  These people should be celebrities, for each of them is a role model.  Stand up for your knowledge and belief in what is right and true.

Bull and bear market history: Bears & Trump Haters follow the same Playbook

For all those who hate Trump and continue to hate, you have to ask yourself why he is so popular and why he won the presidency. We think it is because he did something no other president ever did, he spoke to the people instead of talking at them. He asked them what they wanted, and he told that he would fight for their rights. He was talking like to them with sincerity; the same way a child does when you ask him or her if they like you. They do not say maybe, or just a little bit or let me think about it; the answer is straight to the point. The response is “yes I like you”, or no I do not like you”. The answer is simple; there is no bullshitting involved, and that is why we think that Trump won and that is why he continues to gain momentum. This is something mass media the masters of deception cannot understand that people are completely sick and tired of crap they push out under the guise of news.

We are going to list several videos below that clearly illustrate that the above hypothesis is valid;

Jackie Mason on Trump

Top 10 Celebrity Trump Haters

Robert Davi on Trump

John Voight on Trump

Trump makes hilarious comments on Actors that Support Hillary

Black artists supporting Trump

This is clear proof that Trump supporters are not only angry white men

Many Black and Latinos leaders threw their weight behind Trump,


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