TEXAN Judge Blocks Obama’s Transgender Rules for Schools

TEXAN Judge Blocks Obama's Transgender Rules for Schools

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TEXAN Judge Blocks Obama’s Transgender Rules

First, let’s start off by looking at the random article of the month 

We agree that the driving forces behind this economy are illusory in nature and that this economic miracle has and is being supported by hot money. Nothing else is driving this economic recovery. Any piece of data that can be manipulated has been manipulated to suit whatever picture the Fed wants to paint; all this is true but fighting the Fed is going to lead you nowhere but to an early grave. Central bankers have embraced the era of negative rates, and this experiment will not end until we have another currency crisis.

Who knows when this will occur? What we do know is that many of those who were dead certain this would transpire in their lifetime are no longer here.  One clue that something is amiss will be when the masses move into the euphoric camp, and they are a long way from that zone. One would think after the market surged to new highs, the number of individuals in the bullish camp would soar, but no such luck. In fact, our proprietary “anxiety index” reveals that the crowd has remained in the circle of “fear zone “and has not moved into the calm zone once in the past six months.  Most Unloved Stock Market Bull Destined To Roar Higher

TEXAN Judge Blocks Obama’s Transgender Rules

The video covers this story very well as they say a picture is worth a 1000 words and a video is worth one million. However, here is a small excerpt of the Judges ruling

In a 38-page order released Sunday, U.S. District Court Judge Reed O’Connor sided with Texas and 12 other states challenging the federal directive, saying the “status quo” should remain in place nationwide until the court rules on the case or a federal appeals court provide further guidance. That is because the administration didn’t follow the proper rule-making procedure in crafting the guidelines, O’Connor explained, noting, “The resolution of this difficult policy decision is not … the subject of this order.”

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